Angels shinning bright

This is in response to FFfAW Challenge-February 14, 2017

Thanks PJ, for accepting my photo for this challenge this week.. 🙂


As I climbed the Tottenham Station, my mother closed my eyes and she said she has a surprise for me.

I was not sure what that would be. We’re anyway at Regent Street, I think my mom must have planned for a surprise treat or a dinner. She kept saying I deserved it, after all, the hard work that I did and yet it wasn’t recognized. Sad…


So as we walked the street, my mother removed her hands off my eyes and there I saw. Those angels have been put up. Here on Regent Street, the main shopping street of London. I glance at my mom and she is soooo happy. I’m so happy. All my hard work paid off.

Oh! Look at all those bike riders and revelers taking shots of my work. Oh! and how beautiful it looks at night. Yes, definitely this is a surprise for me. Yay!!


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  1. O what a great mum, and a real treat of a story.

    • Thank you Mike.

      That’s the thought I had when I saw these Angels, someone’s hard work must have paid off.

      So mesmerising and beautiful they were..

  2. Sweet story, have me a smile, and thanks for the prompt photo 🙂

  3. What a happy surprise to see your hard work up in lights! Lovely story, Su!! Thank you so much for our photo prompt this week. It is my pleasure (and the participants’) to use it!

  4. Aww and it’s such a beautiful surprise. I love your mother-daughter take on the photo 🙂

  5. Lovely mum daughter moment captured so well – thank you for the photo prompt!

  6. Nice happy post. Thanks for the prompt pic.


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