Dangerous Gem

In Response to FFfAW Challenge – Week of September 13, 2016This week’s photo prompt is provided by Jade M. Wong. Thank you Jade for our photo prompt!

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Of course, the amount of money I made in my life, I had to, at least, get me this luxurious room. Now, I’m sitting here, staring at this dangerous gem. In next 20 mins, there won’t be any freewill left and I will be forced to gulp it down. F-O-R  N-O   M-I-S-T-A-K-E   O-F   M-I-N-E. I’ve not done anything but I was captured and brought here. Look at the bright color it is emanating. What will happen if one is to swallow it, I wonder.

Just then I hear my name being called by that torturous warden named Bertha. She’s complaining that she’s calling my name like 10 times. “I didn’t hear you” I said.

“Aren’t you taking that pill? I will call Dr. Birrem if you don’t put an effort to take recommended pills, how will get better and go home?” and she leaves the room without any more bickering..

Oops! I’ve been caught now and it’ll be in next 2 mins the doctor will come in to stuff that dreaded pill into my mouth. Before that I NEED to do something and voila! the window seems to be half-open……”


Oops! The word count for today’s story is beyond 175 words(190 to be precise), but couldn’t cut out anything 🙁 :)… Hope y’all enjoy the story…

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  1. Oooohh, she’s going to escape so she doesn’t have to take that pill! This story reminds me how we are forced to do things sometimes. Great story Su!

  2. warden better not look at the floor outside her window then, going to see some colorful pills! Nice story, and so imaginative!

  3. A very imaginative tale 🙂 Great take on the prompt

  4. Very interesting take on the mental games a mind can play.

  5. interesting story. I wonder what will happen next 🙂

  6. Taking a pill seems to be seen as the cure for everything nowadays.Perhaps they’re best thrown out of the window. 🙂 She does seem a bit unbalanced, I have to admit (Lol) and I’d like to know how she made all that money she talked about! An amusing and imaginative story. 🙂

  7. This is just another reason not to take your meds 😛 LOL.
    Nicely done.

  8. I like the background of the story. I can foresee her giving them a runique around 😁


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