Homeward Bound

In response to FFfAW – FFfAW-Week of March 15, 2016

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dog love

Me: “Hey man.. How are you today, buddy”

He: “Hey! I’m good, how are you?!”

Me: “So glad to be up sooo early, had a nice walk around the block”

He: “Good morning!”

Me: “Also, such a great day today.. We will be returning back home, yay!”

He: “Great day, buddy! We’re going hommmmeeeee baby!”

Me: “Mommy’s gonna be happy!!!”

He: “Love you, boy”

Me: “Thank god to be alive, to return home and chase the squirrels; sleep all day and night” 🙂

He: “Thank you, that I’m alive and returning home to my family. So glad to have you dear Stud. Thank god, I found you. Thank god, the war’s over and we’re retiring this season. Next stop home and you can do whatever you want, bud!! “

**both kiss each other and climb the helicopter homeward bound**


This post is very dear to me, I’ve a dog or a fur-baby(I like calling them this way) of my own. To kiss a fur-baby in happiness, in grief, in any moment is the best thing you can do to yourself.
I can only imagine what do men and women go through on war-front, but why should the animals go through all such things for no reason or to say no mistake of theirs – no animal should be made to fight the wars/battles created by humans, it is sad to see them on the war-front..
A big thank you and salute to all those soldiers(men and animals equally) who fight for their countries. 

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  1. Great story as a conversation between a dog’s master and his dog! I agree, it doesn’t seem right to have dogs (or any other animals) to have to be in the middle of a war that humans started. Great story! Welcome to FFfAW challenge. We are happy you have joined us.

  2. Heartwarming dialogue. Well told 🙂

  3. It was easy to fell the love!


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