So many books, so little time…

In response to FFfAW – 21/06/2016

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I’m so happy. I cannot believe what my dad told me now, that Lord Incbert and his wife will allow a commoner like us in his mansion and will give me access to his library every sunday.

Dad told me that since he has served the lord and his family for so long, he is kind to us now.

I can’t just contain my joy – how many  books would be there for me to read, so many adventures for me to go to. Dad described how the library is – a big window and a sill where one can sit and read. Two big shelves of books on both right and left side and a huge mahogany table and chairs… Dad is more excited that amongst all my family, I’m the only one who can read and write. A privilege only for the lucky ones.

I’m just waiting for this Sunday…

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  1. How wonderful to have access to the Lord’s library! She is also very fortunate that she can read! Wonderful story!

  2. I would be super excited too, and I’d look forward to every Sunday.

  3. but now we are turning over to ebooks, what joy was it to visit a library


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