One step forward and one step back…

In response to FFfAW Challenge-Week of February 21, 2017

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Dawn Miller for our photo prompt this week!

Oh! PJ, you have a tough one this time..!! 🙂 So much thinking into it.. Hope y’all like it..

Little background behind this story, this is how I felt when i was traveling last december. So looking at the airport picture, I could only think of my feelings when I left my town and my family behind for a month. This time, its 175 words, usually i write within 150 words…! 🙂


“I’m still in my hometown, yet I feel the nervousness is taking over me.

I’m in half happy that I’m traveling on my own for a client visit and half sad that I’m leaving everything behind.

I can only dream of how it’ll be there in London, leaving all my “life” behind. S told me, go have fun, be free and achieve whatever you have planned for. But half my heart will be left behind with him, our son and our poochie, and everything else. And the other half waiting to see the lovely city.

Oh! How will it be? Hope all goes well. What am I going to do all alone? Maybe sleep for 9hrs every night?! Ha! With a toddler here at home, if I get 5 hours sleep, I’m lucky.

That’s one thing that I’m going to do, for sure! For now, “breathe in, breathe out and pray that your meal on the flight is good.” ..”

With these thoughts, she moved toward the gates where the boarding had just being announced.


Until then,

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  1. Nice little story, with both anticipation and nostalgia built into it.

  2. I had a friend who’s married, and she described it almost exactly the same when she went off to travel – excited, but at the same time missing her other half. Hopefully she’ll enjoy the trip!

  3. A nice insight into your mind, and that if anyone making such a big change. Loved the last line about the meal 🙂

  4. I can feel her excitement and also her anticipation about leaving her little family behind to go on a trip. Great story, Su!

  5. Sad to be alone, but exciting to explore a new city. The family will seem all the more wonderful on your return!

  6. There are worse places to leave your family for! Then being a Londoner I would say that wouldn’t I?!

    My FFfAW!

  7. Nicely crafted emotions.

  8. It’s nice when you can relate the picture to your own life.


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