Picture worth saving for a lifetime!

In response to FFfAW – Week of 6th Sept – This week’s photo prompt is provided by Phylor. Thank you Phylor for our photo prompt!


Age 29y W32: Oh! look at this picture, can’t believe I am still holding onto it like a precious treasure. I think it still is and will always be. Don’t know is it still home to me, haven’t spoken to mom and dad since after “that time”. I should visit soon.

Age 36y W45:   Oh! look at this picture. It is home to me for sure, I let go of the anger I’d when they broke down this garage I painted with my own hands. Will go back soon.

Age 63y W24: Oh! how I miss this place, wish I could buy it when it went for sale. Mom and dad moved to another place and they call it home now. But still, this will be a home to me.

Age 82y W49: Unbelievable, I’m standing in front of this place once again, this is the last place I wanted to be, before I passed. Seems like, nothing has changed. This will always be a home to me.


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  1. I think you are right about this! Enjoyed your story — with age and waist.

  2. Lovely tale, I too hold on to happy memories of childhood homes and wonder if I’ll ever revisit them. Good work.

  3. I like how you showed how important “home” is to her throughout her lifetime. Our home growing up certainly is always “home.” Great story Su!

  4. Interesting take on the prompt and narration – the waist fluctuations were very intriguing! 🙂


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