Statue to remember

This is for FFfAW Challenge – Week of 06-07-2016

This week’s photo prompt is provided by phylor. Thank you phylor for our prompt photo!

fffaw photo 7

Me to my friend: “They said, “Choose a theme close to your heart and it is needed for a park”. So I chose to do a sculpture of  my dear daughter, enjoying her view of the river, like always. She should have been here with me. To see me create this from scratch. It is almost done. Don’t know what went wrong between us – we were like best friends. I’d to leave I told her, it is not because of you, I told her. But then it happened – she moved to a different country. And I’d to take leave, go in search of my soul in the Himalayas. So coming back to the point, this is almost done, need to attach hands and it’ll be done. So what do you think of it? Hope it gets accepted in the bid!”

Friend to me: “Sam, it looks absolutely stunning, just like how I remember Sally. Good work!”


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  1. I really like how you didn’t see this statue as broken but as, unfinished! It does however sound like her relationship with her daughter might be broken. Great story!

    • Thank you… Somewhere each one of us have a broken relationship with people around us, it is how we see it.. positive or negative..


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