True Spirit of Christmas

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I’m glad we did it. But somehow feel why we said yes to it. Because it is a tree, a life. But then it would bring cheers and smiles to so many. How selfish I can be. Am I, really,  that selfish?

Oh! I still remember the time when we put the sapling of this tree, the first year we just put a small star on it to celebrate its first Christmas. And then there was no stopping back. But this year, will be the last we will see of it, for it is being donated to the cancer hospital for kids. They will get to decorate it, but then after that, what will happen to it, dies or get dumped into a garbage truck? Don’t know. Can’t say. But it brightens so many lives, I think that’s the true spirit of Christmas.


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  1. Lovely sentiment. As much as it is a shame to lose the tree, gifting it to provide some joy to others is a fine way for it to go. Well done.

  2. How bittersweet. She is giving up the tree to bring joy to children that have cancer. Lovely story!

  3. Well done. Great take and such a positive message.


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