Top technologies which I came across and liked the most

This is my first blog on the technologies in the industry. I always feel I cannot write huge blogs about the technologies since I haven’t been into any technology completely – inspite of the fact that I have worked with most of the on-going development in networks, embedded, database and ERP.
With this minute knowledge I will give my opinion of the technologies that I came across this year and which I liked the most.

  • Firstly, beginning of the year 2007 made me get familiar with Second life concept (matter of fact even now I cannot move around with ease in the Second life). But its amazing and it’s the zillion-th time that I created a new user and downloaded the Second life software but on the 30th of Dec 2007, I made up my mind and created a user that I have been using since then (it is not quite long back – just 2-3 days back I did this : ))). The concept of second life is too good and that I am so impressed. I was flying in air the other and was searching for civilization and met up a few people. Very interesting. One should definitely give “second life” a try 🙂 (
  • Secondly was the internet album called as where I am active. I am a photographer-in-the-making and this was the best place where my thoughts were encouraged. 🙂 In this site, one can upload the pics (unique snaps clicked) and share it with people around. If you don’t get the comments you always wanted (just like “wow nice snap or 50-80 comments by your fans) you can see the number of views each photograph had and this – trust me – will boost your spirits and you would feel like taking more snaps and experimenting with your camera. (give this a try and you can also check out my site on flickr : still amateur in photography but I AM NOT BAD 🙂 and you should, must check this guy’s snaps – wow just amazing…
  • Beginning of the year 2007, I got the best gifts. It was a Nikon Coolpix S9 and Apple ipod. Looking at and using both these, I wonder – wow – where the technology is leading. Just amazing. The i-pod shuffle is just so small, so compact yet with all the features. And about the digi-cam from Nikon – just mindblowing. With this camera itself, I have been taking snaps and trust me one should have a camera wherever he/she goes. This point may sound silly to some but having a digi-cam of my own and that to from Nikon made it was just like a dream come true.
  • I worked as an intern in a company where I could work on Solaris and it is the OS which one has to give it a try. It’s good. But I don’t recommend this OS to those who are comfortable with MS Windows – one will definitely get lost in there and ofcourse get frustrated of using the OS. But in my opinion (since I like OS like Linux/Solaris) I would rate MS Windows lesser than Linux/Solaris. No offence to Windows (it’s a great OS and take a lot of hard work and patience to come up with such amazing User Interface – that’s my current profile – UI development) my love has always been Linux… 🙂
  • And last but not the least, i love the concept of blog (A blog (inshort – a portmanteau of web log) is a website where entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. “Blog” can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.) and without which i think i couldnt have “spoken my mind – without any regrets” ha ha ha …. :))

These are the technologies that I have liked so far and one might wonder – this girl hasn’t seen much of the world – but hey I agreed I am just beginning my career in Information technology and “I speak my mind no regrets” remember ??? 😉

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