Evening @ a traffic jam (the funny side of life)

It all started on a winter evening at 5:15 PM – when I left office to go home. It was one of the best evening this winter – cool breeze hit my face and I was happy, content that I will be going home early. But that wasn’t gonna happen – no not today.

The bus driver turned on the ignition, we – the passengers of route 1 – left the office.

To our horror, there was a traffic jam just few yards from our office. We all thought this is no big deal and it will dissolve in no time, but that wasn’t gonna happen – no not today.

For the first half hour, we moved slowly with no respite to our worries (worries of being stuck in the traffic for a long time).

I cursed, I changed my position in the seat several times, felt totally disgusted frustrated about being here at a traffic jam.

Then, I suppose, the inner voice of one of the colleague awakened, he asked the driver to take a U-turn and take a different route.

I rejoiced – thinking ill reach home early and there won’t be much traffic the other side. Everyone in the bus too felt happy for the suggestion. But that wasn’t gonna happen, no not today.

It was the same condition this side too. “Traffic traffic everywhere, vehicles all are stuck; Traffic traffic everywhere, ”

Now the song “mujhe mat rook… mujhe mere ghar (its yaar in the original song – changed it a little – he he he) jaane do was playing on the my i-pod..

Listening to this I felt more sad and more frustrated – mujhe mat roko….

Then I thought about god – the creator himself – appeared in front of us and he spoke – “o dear children on mine, have patience, for patience is the virtue of a manav (who manav I thought for a moment and then realized he was talking about us – the human being), you shall all find the way…” and then phooosh he was gone…

I saw my watch and it was more than an hour had passed by in this traffic jam. The same song was still playing and I had no mood to even listen to it, so I changed the song… then I looked out of the window and to my surprise the traffic jam had indeed dissolved and the bus moved freely towards the evening horizon.

I thank god and listened to the song being played on my i-pod – hum jo chalne lage, haan chalne lage, yeh raaste manzil se behtr yeh raste – just made me smile and then I slept without any disturbance – reached home good one hour late, yet reached home to find the dinner, made by mother, was ready…

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