Life is how we see it..!!

The world is changing… I can see and feel every thing happening in this world.. I can see the people changing for good reasons and for bad reasons too..

I am not scared to grow up and I am not a pessimist but I do not understand why this is happening.. I can see and feel the things happening in the world but do not have any answers as to why it happens..
Almost everyone run away from major issues like poverty, global warming, inflation etc.. They are so involved in a rat-race that they forget their family and friends.. Why does this happen? People tell me-“to meet the needs of us and our family we need to be like this”. Not that they do it on purpose but the scare in them that they may be left out makes them to do it over and over again..

I see individual(s) loving two people at the same time.. I feel sad for them.. If asked they say “its life.. have to move on.. and not satisfied with one”.. Uh hmm, well I would not comment on this one.. !But why ?

I am not into depression (which of course sounds abnormal i guess..!) at all if one may think.. But I am a person who always feels “why is this happening? why the world is changing?”

Life is soo lifeless as we see it today.. No love, no relations, no feelings nothing.. Life has become so mechanical.. I am scared of my life turning into a one where there is no time for family or friends..

I do not want to turn into the people who have little feelings for themselves as well as for others.. I want to help the needy.. But sad that I am helpless..

All this starts happening when a person enters into the so-called quarter-life-crisis stage.. At this stage one will start finding fault in oneself and others.. One stops believing in all the good things and good friendship and true love..

Hmm.. I think I am entering this stage but I do not want to be like the others who are already in this stage..

I will hold on and enjoy each moment in life.. Plan properly and thus be there for family and friends.. I want to believe in good things still exist.. True love and true friendship also exists..
“Life is how we see it.. ! ” And its in our hands to make it worth living not only for ourselves but for those who are attached to us deeply…

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  1. Hey dear,

    The title says “Life is how we see it..!!” very impressive . However I was struck by the content… Life should be taken more optimistically than you feel. This statement strikes me … ” I am not scared to grow up and I am not a pessimist “, whom are you proving this to ? Is it the world out there or is it yourself. The world doesnt care and you dont have to prove yourself. I agree that life has become Mechanical but can we escape it ? I would like to quote one statement by Steve Jobs ( Apple Computers ) ” Live everyday as if it the the last day of your life.” Believe me things start to look a lot brighter when you do this.

  2. Hey buddy,

    I am sorry I had missed reading the last para below the pic …
    Hence the comments earlier ..
    Now when I read it again .. i see more hope than sorrow , more faith and belief… Sorry for the earlier comments dear … Adjust madi


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