New year . . .

This resort, that i went for a vacation, is in a place called as Trasi – Located about 12 kilometres to the North of Kundapur which is right on the golden sands and amidst swaying coconut trees.

I would say, it is an experience one should go through when you think your life is filled with chaos.

The minute i stepped on this beach, i was welcomed with a nice cool breeze with sun shining bright over my head and not-so-harsh waves.

All i wanted to do was to run and jump into the sea.

But in the end of the hour i stepped in, i was lazily sitting beneath a canopy on the beach sipping on some lime soda.. That is all i wanted to do that day..

All the 3 days of my vacation on this beach, all i did was lazy around on the beach, play in water and party at night.

I also welcomed the new year with stars shining bright, in front of the dark silent sea..

Hmmmm.mmmmm…. I’m lost now, back in that beach, with the breeze, the waves and the campfire dancing to this music.. Well, i’ve no words left in me to describe the best 3 days i’d in this year..

Well, Happy new year…. ๐Ÿ™‚


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