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Ever wondered to go into “i-want-to-do-something-of-my-own” phase? I think everyone has. And it is okay to think this way. But when we want to, we always need to chalk out the pros and the cons.

Often, entrepreneurial leap starts with “passion”. “Oh i love to do this, let me see how can i make it into a money fetching job”. Honestly, before i could read this article, i always thought, that it is one’s passion that drives people to entrepreneurial leap or success or the “first break”.

But i recently, read an excellent article that says “Passion is overrated and it is not a pre-requisite for entrepreneurial success”. The writer says

“When you want to use a passion as an avenue solely to make money, you are gravely putting yourself at risk. The right way to approach it is to first examine if your passion or that “thing you are into”, translates into service to others. Are you able to serve others with your passion? Your business is about your customers, it is about their needs, not your passion.”

She goes on to say that –

“You can certainly follow your passion, but follow it for yourself. Follow it because it makes you happy. And then if a real business comes out of it, that’s great. But don’t try it the other way around.”

It is not to say that one cannot get into such adventures. To be frank, I’ve personally known people who in their day jobs are successful – smart enough to take the right jump and then succeed in what they’re doing, what they’re meant to do. And also, I’ve known people who left their day jobs to be successful in entrepreneurial ventures. Now, i could relate to what drives such successful people and what is it that makes them that way.

Well, what i could learn from these folks is that, the things one needs in day-to-day life, no matter it is your own business or 9-to-5 job –
– passion
– dedication
– hard work
– smartness and
– Most importantly “dream to achieve big”

Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams.
~ Donovan Bailey

More on the article I read – read here


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