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I have not known of anyone in my friends or family or acquaintances who are not grateful for what they have got. From my experiences these are the things(along with this list) you can be grateful every single day..

  • Simple thank you to the god if you believe in or to the universe or to the life you have
  • Give back to the society – do some social service to show how grateful you are with what you have – for example volunteer a day at an animal shelter or give free food to the needy/homeless or something that you really like doing.. something where you can just spend your time with no cost..
  • Smile and love everything you have; kiss your pet..
  • Meditate – sit in one place for 10mins a day, to relax, to give yourself a timeout from hectic life
  • Respect the nature and the natural resources you are privileged to get. What I feel is we’ve come from the nature and if we do not give back to the nature – simple things like plant new trees/saplings, when you go for trekking/camping/fishing do not litter/throw plastic garbage, less use of plastic everyday and not using products which are tested on animals – then what is the whole point of living on this earth..

What one point would you like to add here – how do you show gratitude in your everyday life? Will love to read you, lemme know… <3


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