Heavy Load of life

I saw this scene while I was returning back to my home the day before – I saw an auto-rickshaw (tri-wheeler in India used abundantly – no matter what’s the person status, once in his/her life, he/she would have ridden in this amazing vehicle of India) with heavy load of goods in it, because of which the driver could hardly maneuver the vehicle.

Then this thought stuck my mind – no matter what happens we alone have to carry the “load” – the “load of life” no matter how difficult it is to maneuver. All that we need to keep in mind – what vehicle we are using and how fast can we do it.

What do you think?

In life, we are destined to carry a certain amount of “load” – some common to all and the rest of it specific to each one of us.

Hey, now don’t raise your eye brow – I am not a philosopher or some sadhu-baba (monk) but this is what I have believed in and what my parents have been telling me since childhood.

But my parents (as per their parents’ teachings and the generations before them) have also teach me that the “goods load” will reduce as and when you do a good work/job – like: help the needy, be truthful to oneself and others, be happy and make others happy, never waste food, never waste the natural resources etc etc.

Oh ok chuck that, my philosophical words are bugging you – then think for yourself – helping the needy, being truthful, not wasting the natural resources are some easy tasks that can be taken care of without any trouble, right?

Then let’s carry our “loads” gracefully and let’s lessen it as and when the opportunity knocks.

You are with me in this right?

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  1. Hi Sunayana ,

    Nice thoughts there … carry the load of life ..

    Any thougts of how we an reduce the load or get a bigger vehicle 🙂 …


  2. absolutely true Su.

  3. I am always ther with u for any kinda good cause.
    Nice blog…. keep it up…

  4. I will summarize my feelings about the whole thing with a parable.

    “A tree was standing on the roadside. Then it saw a man carrying lot of load on his head and running on the road.

    The tree asked him, “Why are you running with all that load?” Man replied, “I am not sure but I have to run – we are running since generations!”

    The tree again asked him, “Ok, from where are you running?” Man again replied, “I am not sure but as far as memory goes back I was running!”

    The tree was so curious since the man was very much unlike itself, rooted and relaxed. The tree asked again, “Ok then atleast tell me where you are running to?” Man was frustrated by now and said, “God alone knows man..we all do this!”

    This interuption from the tree though annoying made the man think and he slowed down a bit and then later he sat down near the road.

    Hence was born the first thinker and meditator. He just imitated the tree.

    Later men became experts in sitting and got bored of it. Then they wanted to sit and run both so as to enjoy and have fun in life. They had loads which they choose.

    Hence was born Lord Krishna!”

    This is very personal interpretation and is not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings.


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