In response to Daily Prompts – Resolved – Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept? 

I think this post is very apt for this topic and I am going to connect this to the topic 🙂

*from past to present to future*

When I wrote this blog post this year –Survive ;I never knew, I would literally, be in survival mode. Grasping for air to breathe. Sometimes, felt like quitting. Didn’t want to get up from bed, yet had to hop out of bed and take the day as it comes. Back to office from maternity, had to survive to make a stance. Leaving 6mo baby at home in the hands of a nanny, survive the sad feelings to leave baby and go to office. Being the only one bread earner when your other half tried to find a full time work. Loans and liabilities screaming at the top of their voices. Nanny quiting in middle of November with me running around to find another one. Etc. etc. etc.

Survive I did for sure.

And honestly, sitting here today on the new year’s eve, in my year end vacation in beautiful vacation, that I had longed for since 2.5 years, I think I survived good. I’m past all those struggles and it has made me a strong person.

Sri’s got a handsome job; I’ve got a new nanny who will take of my baby; my job all settled and gearing up to head on; clear plan to close all the loans and liabilities. I’m feeling good that a tough year but a good one.

What I learnt this year –
– “All is well” mantra will definitely take you through tough times.
– I’m a fighter I will fight till the end will give you a moral boost
– Thank the goodness you have around – your pet dog, your smiling baby/kid who loves to cling to you like a lil monkey
– Music that will let you relax
– Do something that you like – for ex. I found back my passion in writing. I had nearly stopped writing/blogging but now, with the help of blogging101, writing101, I’m inspired to write more
– Read whatever you like – I’d long forgotten what is to read books. Getting sucked into the grind, I always thought I will need specific time slot in the day to read, like sit for an hour in one place and read and thus never found time. But then, I found a way. I read when I am travelling, when my baby has slept, when I’m catching up coffee etc. I FIND ways to read.
– Be strong no matter what, because there’s always the next day after the storm, the sun will shine after the night. (more of book reviews coming up)
– Cry a little and feel better, drink wine a little and feel better(but don’t drink if you are BF mom.. 🙂 LOL)
– “What’s right is always right and what’s wrong is always wrong” is another mantra that will make you stand strong in front of any situation
– Always look for inspiration outside when you lose yours – read blogs, read books, look up the sky with beautiful sky, believe in the supreme “one” and he will take you thru difficult times
– Capsule wardrobe
– What you do more with when you have less

With this, I know, what will be my word for this year. It is going to be-


I am going to put it everywhere I am going to see, for I need this word to be implemented really bad. Focus of many things. And as other bloggers/coaches suggest I am currently jotting down a list of things that will revolve around this word and will have a SMART approach (Simple. Measurable. Approachable. Relevant. Timely.)

How I am getting help to do this –
– Figure out what is the word that you will best describe 2016 – for ex. Life, relax, rest, survive etc.
– Get some time for yourself. Break down your goals into important things in life such as financial, personal, family, health etc.) and write the goals around the word of the year.
– Put SMART approach for each of them and break them to smaller bits
– Get Google Chrome Momentum where you can break down the smaller bits into daily tasks
– Go ahead and achieve them

Question: what is your “2016 word” ? Let me know ill be glad to hear… 🙂

Cheers and happy new year,

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