Values and Roots ~

Today, I’m going to talk about values and roots that we are made of.

When we talk about values, we talk about our family and friends who keep us grounded and take us in the right direction. Some of them that keep me grounded are here –

Discipline-I was reading Crystal Paine’s book and she talks about Olympian athletes and drawing inspiration from them that “It requires swimming upstream, going against the tide, and doing hard things. But it does pay off.. … They don’t give up when the going gets tough, monotonous, or boring.” The two people whom I am talking about in this category, aren’t Olympian athletes or those mountain climbers, who go through rigorous training, but humble people with more than 25 years experience in banking. These bankers are my parents. But I can claim they are no less, in discipline or doing hard things, than those athletes. I have a lot things to learn from them, I feel I haven’t even come close to 25% of what they are. Everyday the same routine. Parents are always the first teachers and if you are lucky enough to learn the good things from them, then you are sure to reach a good place in life. With two kids at hand, working full time, managing home and life, my mother is no less of super hero to me. My dad on the other hand, travelling out of town for work and then managing home and family without any complaining is another super hero I bank on. On time for everything, disciplined in everything, these two people are my first and foremost inspiration I look for. Even if I write a 1000 words on them it would be less for the people they are.

Perseverance, endurance and dedication: anything we do in life if we do not have these things I think it’s a waste to even try. And for this category, I’ve two other most important people in my life. One I’m married to and the other is my younger sister. We, being humans, we falter many times but there needs to be perseverance to get up right back and move on. Life’s hard, to be honest, everyone goes through tough times one time or the other. That’s ok but what matters is what face you keep while jumping right back into action leaving everything else behind. And when I see them I see what they had gone through and what try are now and I’m sure it’s not difficult for them to do anything in life because they are fighters and winners in their own games.

Loyalty, trust and how to love: who else can best teach you this than a dog? Yes, these important lessons in life has to be learnt by not humans. I’m serious when I say if you want to learn or understand what love is, have a puppy and you can see it in his/her eyes. Loyalty and trust-can you imagine to leave your entire life(everything from food to potty to play) to another being on this earth not from your own race? That’s trust for you right there. But there are those thankless human beings who not only treats other creatures badly but abuse them with science experiments. In spite of that, those abused dogs, extend their paws to humans when rescued. That’s trust for you again. I think I don’t have to even touch upon loyalty when it comes to dogs.

Patience: you will learn about patience when you have a baby. No, seriously, I’m not joking. People tend to lose patience when there’s baby, I’m no less but I’m learning. A baby patiently waits for 6-8months on his back, learning and seeing things around him, starts to turn on his stomach and patiently waits there trying his best to move an inch forward then patiently waits and tries his best while sitting. That’s how you see how a baby is learning by being patient but we start to lose it when the whole world surmounts pressure on you to achieve something, to prove something, to someone. Weird isn’t it? But you have people like Janet Lansbury or Magda Gerber(I’m becoming a huge fan of these two ladies) who will tell you to NOT to do things that we are meant to with our babies. (I’ve written a post here if you are keen to read)..I have to hand this down to my 11mo baby boy, I’m who I am is because of him and it’s only your kids who can teach you your life lessons.

I’ll shamelessly admit here, I lack little bit of everything that I just described so when in difficult times I run to these pillars to get the inspiration to go ahead. There are days in my life too when I wouldn’t feel like doing anything, where I falter, but also looking back there are somethings that get me back to action.

Question: tell me about how or who keeps you grounded? I would love to have some more inspiration, ping back.

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