Women Ahead – the power of our choices

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Today’s motivation is this beautifully written article and comes in a time where one would need motivation to push each day ahead. What i liked the best is that, we have the below choices and how we choose and how we act is all on us.

The choice to stay healthy
The choice to multitask
The choice to let go

Read on and stay motivated.

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The biggest takeaway from a personal genomics test is the power of choice. While your genes, environment, and lifestyle are key factors that contribute to your health, you cannot choose your genes, well at least for now. Changing your lifestyle at any point can have tremendous benefits with potential to prevent around 80% of lifestyle-related diseases. Our customers are a testimonial to that – we have many success stories of people who got

Source: Women Ahead – the power of our choices | Mentor Notes | SHEROES

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