Ornate – Belur Halebidu

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ornate.”

Dear Beautiful Peeps…

This shot was taken in Belur-Halebidu (wiki). What i like about archaeological sites is that, there’s so much to know about our history – how the people lived, how they went about doing their work etc. Each pillar actually tells a story here and infact i’ve heard people telling that the entire building is filled with carvings that there’s no place left.


This shot (down to top view – which is one of my preferred shots of any building) was Belur’s Main entrance(wiki) .. More shots of this place can be found here on my FB page..

Question: Let me know what you think of this shot + tell me what inspires you when you visit a archaeological, i would love to know from you 🙂

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