Things to remember while you plan to shoot

To enhnace tha ability to shoot perefect pictures of various subject, i wander in the world of internet and this time i found something very interesting, that i promised myself to use those techniques whenever i shoot next time.

To start with, capturing what you see in a photo is so very difficult that it has taken centuries by professionals to master this art. Some of us take the same picture over and over again without realizing it. Learning to see more deeply may be the key to improve. Learning to see more deeply with photographic perspective is very difficult, as one profession photographer quotes in a webpage.

Here in this post, i share some tips that i got from many webpages, that should help an amatuer like me to start off afresh with new creative ideas to shoot.

Few Tips:

# Learn to see the dramatic possibilities of a scene and then photograph it in such a way that heightens that vision. Keep it simple, keep it clean and keep your vision focused.

# Look for dramatic light to emphasize your subject. Remember that the most dramatic contrasts are light against dark or dark against light. Use your background to emphasize your dramatic lighting. When photographing flowers, be especially aware of the direction of light.

# Learn patience, but be ready to react when you see a special expression on the animal.

# Give some thought to the purpose of the photograph, keep it simple and try to arrange all of the design element so that they compliment and emphasize your goal.

# Keep your mind open to learning new techniques whether they are in the field of photography or art or computer technology. Strive to make the underlying photograph the strongest and best image you can. To achieve a “natural” look, keep your computer enhancements simple as well.

# Early morning is a good time for flower photos.  The lighting is usually best, and wind generally isn’t much of a problem.  Often you can find dewdrops on the petals, which is an enhancing effect for a flower shot.

# Try to use photocreationism – meaning being creative while taking a picture.

# For effective visual communication, your image must have both strength and clarity.   The viewer can become bored with your image if either is lacking. The term “strength” pertains to the ability of your image to attract the viewer’s attention. “Clarity” refers to the ability of your image to maintain the viewer’s interest.

# Another pro photographer quoted: I find that sitting in one place for some time allows me to open up to my creativity, and I begin experimenting. If I’m too busy rushing around, I lose the opportunity to experience and see more deeply that which I’m photographing. Zen teaches students to become the thing they’re observing, to realize the oneness of being. If you can move even part way to that kind of awareness, you’ll be seeing more deeply than ever before, and your photographs will change.

# Go for the extreme close-up. Take your macrophotography to the limit.

Now, sometimes i feel there is nothing that i can photograph, it seems like a normal day with nothing interesting extra. I was also searching for some tips to be more creative and look for things to photograph when there is absolutely nothing. I came across a link that gave a few interesting  list of things, very interesting that i can start off:
Abandoned Buildings,  Abstracts, Broken Glass,  &  Butterflies, Circles,  City Skylines, City Street Scenes,Feathers,  Fences,  Flags,  Fire, Flower Petals, Hands,  Handles,  Hats, Insects,  Isolated Objects, Jewelry,  Junk yard Details,  Jails, Forks, & Spoons,  Keys,  &  Kites, Leaves,  Legs,  Letters,  Looking “Down,”   Looking “up,”  Light Bulbs,  &  Locks, Sea Shells,  Self,  Shadows,  Silhouettes,Umbrellas,  Utensils,  Uniforms etc.

With these simple techinques and tips in mind, i hope to capture some nice pcitures of the things that i come across. As usual, i shall share the pictures as and when take.



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  1. Hi Su, thanks for the compilation. it helps to have these in mind. I’ll experiment further with my photography too and hope to have a better photographic perspective. 🙂


  2. Hey Ananth,
    Thanks for your comments and thanks by coming by my blog.. 🙂


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