Heaven’s Seventh Hour (contd..)

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Recently I took courage and wrote a short story for a local newspaper “short-story” contest. I didn’t win the contest but it gave me immense courage and confidence to hone my skills even better. And I’m thankful all you lovely people who come by my blog and give me inputs and suggestions which makes me a confident writer. Read on, I will post the story in 2 posts and let me know what you think of it.

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Part 1 is here:

Heaven’s Seventh Hour


Like his usual routine Thug-Appa is ready to go to Madame’s place, he instructs his driver to drive past even if the beggar comes in the middle; he says “I think his time has come to end if you see that nasty worm just squish him”.

The beggar does appear on the side of the road and is about to get up from his place while the car zooms past him. Everyone, even the driver, looks to their left to see the beggar and curse loudly.

It was just a fraction of a second the driver took eyes off the road to see that beggar. He thinks to himself, thankfully that old man stays put on the pavement and not come on the road, I would be FORCED to do what Thug-Appa told me to do… Today would’ve been my last day of freedom, the rest of me would be rotting in jail forever. “Thank you, God”… Gosh did I say this aloud, thankfully, NO!!… Else, Thug-Appa would’ve had killed me to take out God’s name…”

It was just a fraction of a second Thug-Appa also took eyes off the road. He swore under his breath that the worm survived, it should’ve been his last day. Maybe next time, maybe tomorrow, will be his last and has a wicked smile.

It was just a fraction of a second; the car rams into a truck, which had broken down on the road, rams so hard that entire entourage perished in an instant – Thug-Appa, Thinn-Appa, driver, and bodyguard.

The old beggar seeing this happen stands up straight and smilingly says “see you soon” while he turns around and disappears into thin air.

Both, Thug-Appa and Thinn-Appa, are in front of a huge white bungalow with a big lawn, this reminds the Thug-Appa of his home. There’s a normal looking 5’5″ man, sitting casually by the door. Thug-Appa thinks “what a hero-type doorman this house has. The owner must be paying a huge sum to keep a fancied doorman. I wouldn’t have even thought of this and wasted money on these worms…”

Sitting by the door, a man in his 40s, wearing the crispest white shirt and blue jeans, has bright eyes, clean shaven, tapping on the book he’s reading. Beside him, he has a drink, full of ice with neon colored straw. He sees two men – one fat beyond anyone’s imagination and the other thin and short. He thinks to himself that it’s about time he teaches these useless folks some good lesson that they’ll remember for next 7 lives and smilingly welcomes them towards the house…

Thinn-Appa has a bad feeling about this, thinks, he and his boss-man standing in front of such a big bungalow and a handsome looking man for a doorman? Thinks, “Does this even happen these days? Who pays so much money? I get a really weird feeling that I know this man. From where do I know him? I have seen him somewhere recently.” Before he could open his mouth, they are called by the so-called doorman to come near the gate.

God: “So folks, where do you think you are and where do you think you are going?”

Thug-Appa not letting Thinn-Appa talk: “Look, don’t talk. Go call your boss, we would like to know and get some help. We were in an accident and don’t have any car to go back home. Tell your boss that Thug-Appa is here.” *swearing under his breath that I’ve to now introduce myself and that too standing on this wretched road*

God: Do you even know what happened to you after the accident?

Thug-Appa: Will you stop wasting my time and call your boss, I will put in a good word about you. *swears again under his breath and promises himself to tell his boss to squish this worm and fire him immediately*

God: Relax Thug-Appa. You really need a reality check.

Thug-Appa: How dare you, you call me by my name? That’s it, you are done. Wait till I get my hands on you.

That’s when God loses his temper and vents out his anger (in a very nice manner) by smiling and showing them the reality in a TV-like box attached to the gate.

There, the entire scene is played out where everyone along with the driver turn to their left to see the beggar and the next second their car rams into the parked truck where everyone die instantly.

Thug-Appa swears loud at the driver to be so reckless and before he takes out a word from him mouth, he sees the beggar disappear into thin air and it’s the same face, that face of the doorman of this fancy house. That’s when both Thug-Appa and Thinn-Appa realize that they ARE DEAD and they are at God’s place – heaven – either to pass or go to hell.

That’s when God hears this and tells them “There’s nothing like hell. People’s spirit just don’t get into heaven that’s all, it lingers around here and there and when it completes the task that’s being assigned, maybe it will have a chance to enter heaven… Now coming to both of you… 10 years passed by and both didn’t do anything… You, Thinn-Appa, always felt the wrongs and rights in your heart but never had the courage to say it aloud and make one difference… Unacceptable…. And you, Thug-Appa, the great Thug-Appa… How many signs one needs to give you – to change; to be a good human… The old lady was enough to make you quit your sad ways of living and change but instead, you chose to hurt her… Sadly your guard got hurt, for it was my angel who was there to give you a chance… And there are so many instances… That beggar’s words do you remember? Where would you remember anything? That was your last chance I had to give to you… and what you chose to do – to quote – “squish that worm if you see him near to my car” right?! See now who is “squished”” !!!!

God: “Now let’s cut the short talk for I don’t like wasting precious time to do good deeds… I have a task for both of you… Thinn-Appa, as usual, needs to wait by the door here, cleaning the road and gate, like his old work at the restaurant and waiting for Thug-Appa till finishes his job; for you needs to repent for all the things you did by just sitting and relooking at your sins…

The great Thug-Appa has a job – he needs to do a good deed every single day for 10 days total.  Only then he will be allowed to enter Heaven on the next day at the 7th hour. If you miss the 7th hour, he needs to wait another day and come back at the same time. The catch is that (there’s always a catch) you cannot return to earth as a human (because to err is human, You already had a chance to be a human to do a good deed), you have to be in this spirit form and figure out a way to do a good deed every SINGLE day, consecutively for 10 days, only then will you be allowed to come back here to be accepted into heaven”

God orders him to go and to start with his work, he touches his forefinger to Thug-Appa and he disappears into thin air.

Thug-Appa hears all the conditions from God to enter Heaven – 10 consecutive days of a good deed. Check. Can’t be human but in spirit to do a good deed. Check, can be done, achievable. Be back at this wretched doorway next day by the 7th hour. Check. And before he slips into his sleep, he hears god says –

by the way, 1 day in here is equal to 1 year on earth, so do the math yourself and get to work

and sees God’s smile before he falls asleep and wakes up on earth.

Did he hear it right? 1 day in heaven equals to 1 year on earth, which means 10 years of doing good. Oh! No! Can’t be human in spirit to do a good deed every single DAY. Can’t be human in spirit to do a good deed every single year; every single day in a year for 10 years?! 3650 deeds not a single one to be missed. At The Same time on 11 days (11 years) 7th hour I need to be there near the doorway to enter heaven. ?!?!?

He slumps to the ground disappointed and he reminds himself that clock is already ticking – a good deed needs to be done.


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