Heaven’s Seventh Hour

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Recently I took courage and wrote a short story for a local newspaper “short-story” contest. I didn’t win the contest but it gave me immense courage and confidence to hone my skills even better. And I’m thankful all you lovely people who come by my blog and give me inputs and suggestions which makes me a confident writer. Read on, I will post the story in 2 posts and let me know what you think of it.

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“There he is, sitting like a king. Like he owns this dear earth. At least he can show some mercy to me, his secretary, for, I do all his dirty work, clean up and still he treats me like this. I have to stand in this scorching sun, sweating like crazy while he sits in the shade and sips on that chilled drink. Look at all the rings on his fingers, there’s no finger left to fill, still he complains about all the world’s problems. At least he should have paid me little better last time when I did his “work”. Sometimes I wonder I would have been better working as a doorman for that restaurant where he was cleaning tables.. But then, after seeing easy money, who would want to go back.. So, I’ve to stand now and then JUST dream, that’s all I can do till he plans to move from here.. *sigh!!* !!”, thinks Thinnappa..

“I am losing my patience, if, for some more time this rat looks at me; I am going to throw him off my rug. I do not know what he wants, why he sucks on my blood and money. I’m not going to give him a single extra pie, not to him, not to anyone. How much I’d to do what I had to do to gather all this money. I remember how I was, 10 years back, cleaning tables, nearly begging for food from that useless manager… “Then somehow luck” changed, for I do not believe in God. Who is God, there’s no God. Why do you need God, when you can get anything and anyone…”, thinks Thug-Appa and sips his cold drink as slowly as possible, “and now here comes those beggars asking for more money like I have loads to give. And now I’ve to waste my time and patience to listen to their unnecessary rants”…

An old poor lady approaches Thug-appa and nearly falls on his feet. “Saab, please, I do not have any money to pay the loan this week as well, I’ve tried to beg for money and save up but I haven’t been able to fill my grandson’s stomach, how can I even pay you 5000 Rs. in a month’s time?”

Thug-appa: *removes his feet from the ground, fearing his Salvatore Ferragamo Python Loafer would be spoilt by old lady’s dirty clothes and sweat* “Then, why the hell do you even take loan when you can’t pay it up front..!” *irritatedly looks at the Thinn-Appa Thinn-appa*

Old lady: “Saab, my grandson is not well, needed to buy medicines, so I had to take the loan from you generous humble Saab… Saab, please waive off the money, for I can’t pay you or please give me 6 months time, I will pay in installments… Please have mercy, please have mercy!!” *starts to cry bitterly*

Thug-Appa: *losing patience, waves his hand off to his guards and signals them to break the old woman’s leg and tell her not to come again*

Thinn-Appa *Oh! Poor lady, wish I could help her. But I can’t, if I do, I will lose the job at hand and who would want to lose easy money* *sigghh!!*

The next day, Thug-Appa sees that one of his guards has a swollen eye and a fractured hand. He attempts to ask him what happened and then realizes and reminds himself that the more he engages with these worms, the more they will crawl on him. So he dismisses them and goes about relaxing and lazing on the pool bench.

In the evening, Thug-Appa is all dressed and set to go to Madame Sheen’s house. His entourage, along with him in the backseat, heads out in black BMW. Thinn-Appa thinking to himself, “Today must be a special day at Madame’s house, otherwise, Boss-man wouldn’t be so dressed up!”.

And then, out of nowhere, a beggar jumps right in front of their car and …. ….. …..

to be continued…


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