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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Your Days are Numbered.”

I got up early today and glanced at my alarm clock. It showed me 13-11-2015 06:30AM. It is the same routine today as well, get up, drink orange juice, eat oatmeal and go for a run. Today is the day, i think i need to try it again. It was adventurous last time. So much to learn and come back and document. But then i wonder document for who? for what? dont know are there anyone left who will even care? After the Apocalypse, you’ll thank if you find someone to talk to, even with all the internet and new age technology, you cant find anyone. I keep wondering what has happened to all those social media accounts people have created over time? Who maintains it now? With so much data and sky’s the limit, even if you broadcast a message on a social media, do not know whether you will get back any response. I keep wondering, why did god make people like me whose life’s clock has stopped. Is it right? Or is it the law of nature?

Well, i think, this would be enough of thinking for today, for it is of no use to pressurize the brains. Instead, i need to plan for the trip that is ahead – don’t know how many days i will be gone and don’t know how will the time be calculated this time. Whatever the case is, I think i need this now.

So after a long run, i take a shower and be ready by 8:00AM. I look into my closet to see a variety of clothes. To be honest, i do not know what to pack this time. Since it was a havoc actually. I felt so out of place and I had to beg plead and cry for appropriate clothes. Of course, this is going to be in the “PAST”, i need something appropriate. So in a small handbag, made out of cloth, i put in some clothes.

Then I look at the alarm clock near my bed to note the date – it said 13-11-2015; I’ve to input the numbers w/o the dashes. So it would be 13112015. I actually do not know how this works, how this number will be considered.

So I take my bag and my belongings (leaving my cellphone and laptop here), I get into the vessel. This vessel they call it “Time Drop” – it will drop anyone in the time/date mentioned. I had to procure this (meaning take it from the research center – of course no one to account for it, what will it do behind a closed door?! right?!!) to somewhat entertain myself from the boredom of loneliness.

I dial in the number “13112015” and instantly the date is accepted by the computer. Within a few seconds it showed me the date “15-02-1131” and this was entirely different that what it accepted last time? Next time before i go for another “trip”, i have to understand how this thing work – I made this mental reminder as well as i wrote in my carry-on book. Now, without much intervention from me, it showed me a list of events that happened on this date 15-02-1131.


It said –

Year 1131 (MCXXXI) was a common year starting on Thursday of the Julian calendar.


By area
Fulk of Anjou and Melisende become King and Queen of Jerusalem.

Ramon Berenguer IV becomes Count of Barcelona.
Between 1131 and 1136 – Theotokos of Vladimir arrives in Kiev.
The knights Templar found their first stronghold in the kingdom of Aragon.[1]

By topic

Arts and culture
Construction begins on the Beisi Pagoda in China (completed in 1162).

May 9 – Tintern Abbey is founded.
Council of Rheims.[1]
Alberich becomes Archdeacon of Reims.

January 14 – King Valdemar I of Denmark (d. 1182)

January 7 – Duke Canute Lavard of Schleswig and Holstein and ruler of the Obotrite confederation, saint (b. 1096)
March 1 – King Stephen II of Hungary (b. 1101)
April 30 – Saint Adjutor
August 21 – King Baldwin II of Jerusalem
December 4 – Omar Khayyám, Persian poet, astronomer, mathematician, and philosopher (b. 1048)
Alger of Liège, French monk at Cluny (b. 1055)
Bohemund II of Antioch (b. 1108)
Gaston IV of Béarn
Joscelin I, Count of Edessa
Peter the Hermit, French priest and crusader
Ramon Berenguer III, Count of Barcelona (b. 1082)


I kept praying to the god that I do not believe in anymore to land me in a “nice” place so that i can get back in one shape, but as the time vessel began humming, i thought, if i knew how to stop this thing, i would have this time. But one corner of mind said “lets do this” and closed my eyes for the “trip”.

The next time i opened my eyes, I was in middle of a super big hall and thankfully, i landed right behind the crowd (thank you timedrop!), I was on time for crowing ceremony of a king and queen. Thanks to the printout I had taken in the timedrop, it was crowing ceremony of

Fulk of Anjou and Melisende become King and Queen of Jerusalem

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