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In response to This is your life – Daily prompts.. If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover. 

Little off beat from the title and description…

Oh! How badly I’ve been wanting to go to this party. But thanks to this cousin of mine, I think I will miss it. Hope a miracle happens to me – to get away from these dirty dishes and cooking and lets me go to the party as well… Praying! Praying!

I’m already thinking – what dress am I going to wear? What about the matching sandals? I remember from the magazine at the hotel where i work, such nice stilettos it was.. Oh my, thinking about them, I feel so good, imagine how good it would be to actually wear it…

“Open the door, you idiot, how many times does one has to ring the bell? Cant you hear the first time?” she came shouting inside the kitchen with her ugly hairdo..

Sadly, my dream was also broken by her interruption.. Hurriedly, I run towards the door, before the bell could ring once more.. The moment I opened the door, a brilliant flash blinding my eyes. What the hell is this, Oh!! if those neighborhood boys are up to some prank I will go really give a piece of my mind. Enough is enough.

And why I’m hearing so many people talking at once? Oh holy crap, these are the reporters I think.

In a quick span of a second I try to recollect did I do anything gravely wrong that the reporters and cops arrive at the door? And I calm myself down thinking, no I’ve been a good girl..

Then who are these people? Before I could even ask, my cousin comes dashing from the inside and opens the door with a thud. And she gives out a quite a shrill..

Then she says, “oh myyyy gaawwwdddddd, I cannot believe this.. It’s the crew from “Fashion GodMother” who give fashion makeovers to the one nominated..” and she kept whispering to me and waving crazily at the cameraman “just in time for the party, don’t you think, I can get a free makeover now! Oh, how sweet of Jake that he nominated me, isn’t it..!”

And I wondered, how will Jake, who doesn’t even look at her, who showed some pity on her after numerous beg-plead-cry that she went to that party with her, will ever nominate her for such a show. Lucky her you know, people like me don’t get shots like this..

Just when I was about to turn and go into the house to finish my cleaning, the anchor Beth pulled me outside and placed the mic infront of me. I didn’t realize what was happening until Beth again spoke again “Carol, do you know how difficult it is to locate you. It takes quite an effort”

Me: “Oh!”

Beth: “Ofcourse, no one knows you live here, you aren’t on FB nor on any social media…! What is your real name?! Isn’t it Carol?”

Me: “Carol is my middle name and Meg is my first”

Beth: “Phew!! that is why we have been going round and round this block and it’s been like forever!!”… “Anyhow, you are nominated for a fashion makeover in our show” *smiling brilliantly*

Me: “Oh! Who nominated me!?”

Beth: “Jake B from Skylar Bar”

Me(blushing and quickly turning to see my cousin’s red face): “Oh! My”

Beth: So lets get started. The rules are: you will get a fashion makeover, you will get to attend any party that is scheduled for you today or go to your dear one’s house for free in the limo parked outside. You will have to return by 12AM midnight and you lost lot many hours as it is a 24 hour deal and you just have few hours as it is 4:30PM now… So let’s get started and let me call my fashion gurus for your help! You have no say in this – nothing that you can choose from, you dont have time darling!, the fashion gurus will choose the best for you and you need to just patiently wait till these guys do the “magic””

Me(thinking to myself): ohhhh myyyy gaaawwddd, this is enough magic to keep me dreaming.. I cannot believe this is true. Is it really happening?

In a swish of wind, the fashion gurus took me into their vanity van and one kept doing my hair, my dress was getting readied, my shoes and everything was just happening so quickly that I can’t believe my eyes. In next one hour, every one of them did so much of work, that by the end of it, I couldn’t believe my eyes that the mirror image was me.

I felt exactly like a Cinderella princess.

By 6:30, I was on my way to the party that I always wanted to go and that too in the limo… Wow, what a fairy tale…

The moment I entered the party gates and the moment I got down, I saw him standing tall and handsome right there by the entrance receiving guests and there was my cousin trying to pick a conversation with him. I got down and the cab driver told me he will be parked right here waiting for me to return by 11PM so that he can take me home.

I exactly knew this fairy tale night – how it is going to be and how it’s going to end.

I just kept walking straight at him, thinking and living the moment, the best night of my life and thanking my fairy godmother for this…

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