Trick Question – interview with the devil himself!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Trick Questions.”

Ah! There! I got the email – that the famous Mr. X – the “Pulitzer winning reporter” wants to interview me. Everyone from my association had warned me about – pray that you do not to get that dreaded letter. And there it was, sitting in my inbox requesting for a quick interview (psst, I heard it’s going to be “3 questions” that will make or break your life and how “make life” is so important to me).

I’m in a fix now, I can’t decline this as it will show that I’m scared of him(psst, I am not, so to speak) and neither can I boast and accept it(HE will think it’s my overconfidence speaking and HE will make sure he will pose some dumb heart breaking questions).

So again, there it was – the email that I had to reply to (another fix situation because if a person takes too long to reply, HE makes fun in front of all public). I replied to the email(personally, didn’t allow my dear assistant to reply, I’m sure she would have done a good job, but it was to me to face this man, once for all) saying, I’ll be glad to meet for this interview and that our assistants will fix up an appropriate time and venue.

Few days passed and I kept worrying about this so-called make or break interview with HIM. I’ve been in the limelight for so long, I’ve had innumerable local and global interviews. No questions have troubled me till now. I’ve given so many guest visits with people swarming up with questions targeting personal and professional life. I was told that he does his “homework” well, like a private detective; he will dig up all the dead skeletons. He is good at what he does. And that gives me the chills.

The “D-DAY” arrives – I try to relax and try to breathe (and not faint – that’ll become another fun thing for him to write about). He walks into the meeting room as if it is his house, sits without even saying hello as if I’m a criminal and he is a lawyer. He puts down his recorder, takes out his scribble pad and gives a cold hard stare at me as if I’d done some crime.

He: So shall we begin?
Me: *smile warily* and nod once.

He: What are you most proud of in your life?
Me(thinking): oh how i wish i could get up and dance like a little girl and tell you every little achievement I am proud of. But then, “calm down” girl. This is the interview with the devil
Me: Proud moments for everyone is when they taste the sweet success for the first time and that’s the same for me when i got a big blockbuster hit for my movie 15 years back. *with a wide grin* and it will always be when I do something good for both personally and professionally.
He: *seriously peering through his glasses and he tries to say something but he stops himself midway* Ok, next question..

He: What are you most embarrassed of in your life?
Me (thinking): when someone looks straight into your eyes and then looks deep into your soul, how can you expect you can lie? I dont know he knows anything that has happened in my life, how I’ve come up to this position. He cant pose this question to make fool of myself, I was “trained” to lie to people’s faces, specially in this career. But today i think i am going to tell him what it is. I didn’t want this question particularly from him but yet here he is and here i am answering his questions –
Me: i think everyone, being human; have done something or the other stupid things in life. And same with me, we try to not make the same mistake twice and learn good lessons from the ones we did. I’m particularly embarrassed about the time when I was going to academy workshop, when a nice girl approached me to be my friend. That was time I was “flying high” with no thoughts of putting my feet on the ground and it was me who made fun of her in a party. I’m not sure where she is now, but if I meet her I think i am going to apologize for my “stupid” behavior.
He: *smiling weirdly* ok next question.
Me (thinking): I think I messed this question, he’s going to “embarrass” me more!

He: What are you making so much money for?
Me (thinking): so that i can book a flight to mars and not read about this damned interview E-V-E-R!
Me: some for charity some for future investments/savings and some for expenditure…
Me (thinking): he cannot make up stories here as I’m clean from money perspective; he can’t spoil it for me…

He: well we are end of the interview; do you want to add anything to these questions?
Me: No I think, that should be it..
He (gets up so quickly as if he remembered something important that he had forgotten): thank you, have a nice day. (And he walks off with no emotions)

Me (wondering): what is this guy made of, nothing else to talk, just walk in and walk off as if its his home. Oh well then, 50% of the tensions are over, now we need to wait for the next major 50% of the tension – my interview to be published in the mag.

I hadn’t heard from his mag anything about this interview and how deeply I wished he wouldn’t publish it thinking it was not worth it. I was deep asleep when my assistant calls me; I wake up to see it is 11 AM in the morning. She tells me the interview is published in the mag and that she cannot believe what she is reading.

I hurriedly head out to the drawing room where along with the newspaper that dreaded mag is sitting – with a picture of me on the cover page. He’s chosen a good photo as the cover shot, not bad but it doesn’t reduce my hatred towards him. Now I quickly turn the pages to the interview (it is always a one pager “make or break”) and seriously I cannot believe my eyes. This man, who is famous to wretch people’s lives with his words, cannot believe he has written this about me.

It says
“Interview with a confident, young, honest artist was as expected – a good one. No other artist has had more positive changes than her in appearance, style and substance. Quite a welcome change as an interview amongst many others, wish more actresses were like her. Read on …. ….”
And there goes my interview, like how I had told him.

I just stared at this interview, reading what he had written, sipping my morning masala chai and most importantly, “breathing”… 🙂 🙂

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