Coorg calling…!

On 10th March 2010, my husband yelled out to me from his room. With a total shock, I ran from the kitchen to find a silly grin on his face. For a moment, I wondering, what was running in his head but yelled at him.

He then revealed, he had a brilliant idea – camping in Coorg – with couple of friends over the weekend. That kind of eased me down and planned to go to Coorg.

Now, one may wonder why do I call this post as “Coorg Calling”. I’d read a travelogue, that said, if you visit Coorg once, you would go back over and over again. And thats what happened to us – this is our second trip to Coorg and we cant stop ourselves from going there.

Coorg is one destination in Karnataka that has to be experienced rather than being put in words. Situated in the Western Ghats, having a perfect weather and lovely food, Coorg has one of the mesmerizing meadows and scenic beauty.

We stayed over-night in this amazing campsite called Civet Creek, that has tents as accommodation – which for city people like us – was a treat in its own (:)). We even did a 10km trek to a small waterfall nearby, sat by the campfire in the evening, star gazed and slept peacefully – all in all we had a nice vacation out of the city rush.

Each time we go to coorg, we have something new to see and something new to do, that’s the reason I call it Coorg Calling . . . ๐Ÿ™‚

Even if you have nothing to do, heck, you can still go there, laze around and have fun…!!!


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