Yet another Coorg Calling! *from the past*

This week, being the last week of this year, I’m revisiting old me – meaning old posts that i had written. And, like always i said, Coorg calling.. from the past to present to future

This year end vacation is going to be Coorg again. I have visited this place many a times and still fascinated with the things that you can do here..

So the vacation planned is going to be 31st Dec 2015 till 4th Jan 2016.

I will revisit this revisited post (again!) once I am back from vacation to tell you how it was, what i did and all, until then, read on — Coorg Calling – dated (24-Mar-2010)

Yours truly,
Signing off!

(to be continued)
<update> 07-01-2016

So, back from the vacation into the new year, feels good. This vacation that I took, I made sure I don’t do anything – no sightseeing, no adventure sports nothing other than relaxing. What i did was enjoy the fresh air (cities don’t provide you that, sadly), enjoyed basking in the sun, sat on the swing with kiddo+husband+Pippa and felt like a complete family, passed the time doing nothing, enjoyed the cool weather, had some wine and slept nicely..

I think that is what I wanted from this vacation and I was glad that I got it..

Question: How did you welcome the new year and what did you do to beat the last year’s stress?

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