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Today while i was surfing net, i read this interesting concept. It is called as The Be-Do-Have model. Since this is the first i am discovering it, i do not have my thoughts – my learnings to share here. All i am doing right now, is to put across what i read and try to implement it in what ever i do.

Ultra successful people in this world, are not focused on what they do, but they have a different perspective of the world, altogether.

But for other normal people like us, the thinking goes this way:
If I had <xyz> then I could be <abc> then I would be happy…
For example, if i had more money and time then i could buy a home or buy what ever i need and then i would be happy… Always waiting and wishing for something better to come along…

This is called as a Do-Have-Be model, where if we do, we have something and we will be something good… In that “doing”,  if we fail to be something that we desired, we do more so that at least we can try to be something better…! This attitude, has been drilled down to us from our previous generations, and they have got it from theirs’. That way each one of us think this way, by mistake if we think otherwise, we used to get whack on our backs to make us come backs… Since DOING is the first step, we mistakenly believe that more DOING is better. We get caught in the trap of thinking, “If I can just put a few more hours in the day, my life will really take off!”

Now, What about making the switch in attitude, such as:– I am happy for the money and new home I do have, then I will work harder and spend my time wisely, then I will have more time and better life…

This is called as a Be-Do-Have model. In one website, this model is described like this:
“…What people do is caused by who they are, their value and belief about what is important and how they feel (state of mind). How someone is at ‘be’ determines what they ‘do’ which determines the outcome of what they ‘have’. The key is to raise the level of awareness of our mindsets in order to help break through barriers that may be holding them back…”

The working of the model goes something like this (again taken from one of the websites):

Here is a very simple, yet effective, model to use when setting goals. It’s the BE-DO-HAVE Model. The place to begin is with the HAVE. Identify what you want to have. An example of this might be; I want to HAVE a slender, fit body. The middle part is what you have to DO in order to achieve what you want to HAVE. In this example, to HAVE a fit slender body, what you would have to DO is to follow a diet and an exercise regime.

Most people just do these two parts. What usually happens then is that the DO bit of the formula becomes unsustainable. (This is why diets and exercise regimes so often collapse after a little while.) The change is only on the outside.

It is essential to include the BE portion of this model. Consider who you have to BE in order to DO what you want to HAVE. So in our example, who do you have to BE in order to follow through on your diet and exercise regime? This will be different for each individual, but might include things like: truthful, committed, centered, self-aware, relaxed and so on…

When you get the BE part in place, the DO part almost does itself and effortlessly leads to the HAVE.The last sentence is rightly said, if you think you are thin (the example as above) then you will look into ways of doing it and then you will achieve what you wanted.


Now, read about this Be-Do-Have model from this site; if you cannot read the complete page, concentrate more on what “God” says in the beginning of the conversation. Everything about this model, is explained there..

I know, this thing is hard to digest, i suggest this thing has to be read a several times and implemented as well. I too will try doing things based on this model and i shall share my experiences as and when i achieve something good.


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