Begging is an art…

I think you wouldn’t not agree with me but by the end of the blog you would definitely agree on this.


I am not saying I will change your mind – I put across my point of view and I am sure by the end of it you will definitely change your mind.


> Today evening I was going towards the medical store in the super-market block. I saw a boy – in his teens basically a rag picker or something sitting on the pavement and opening a small container. Trust me I saw this in a fraction of a minute and thinking this is normal and walked towards the medical store. I finished all my shopping and when I come through the same gate as I entered, I saw this boy with hand painted all white and begging. I was shocked – amazed to see the same boy applying that white paint from that container and now he is begging for money and projecting that his hand is not in a proper condition.


> The other day, the same supermarket, the same place – but different youngsters but the tactics are different this time. The kid – who supposedly projected that he has amputated leg – but to my surprise (I get surprised very very easily) I could see his feet and leg without any damage. Except for the only mistake is that he had worn the pants of length more than what he needed. That’s what I call deception and then that’s what I call foolishness – he thought that no one would ever know that he is normal. There is a saying in my country – the cat would close its eyes and drink milk thinking the whole world is not seeing – but it is fooling itself by doing this.


> This incident took place quite some time back – say 15 years back when I was kid. I had come from school and I was taking rest in the afternoon when I heard a strange beggar on the streets. He was talking in English. An English that I still feel that could beat a college going student !! I went out of my home and he came to my gate and asked for alms. By that age itself, I think I had this in my mind “improve the society – help the needy – guide a person correctly – don’t see bad stuff happening but improve it to be better”, I asked that guy – not very old man say around 50-52 years – that why is he begging on the streets and asking for alms in English. Those days a person with good spoken/written English was meant to be some high-profile guy with quality life. I still remember the answer he had given me – “I am a educated beggar, so give me some money”. I do not know what had gone wrong to me, I straight forward asked him “you call yourself educated, don’t feel bad begging like this. You don’t look old and you can earn and be content in life. Why don’t you take tuitions for kids and then you can earn”. For that he had replied “earning is not what I always wanted to do. I always wanted money easily and I feel begging is the right thing to do”. After he had said this I think he realized that I would bug him more with my kid-theories, he walked off asking for alms from the rest. I still cannot forget him – nicely dressed, begging in English.


Then today after seeing the kid in the supermarket, I realized that begging is an art.

I can give you umpteen examples of seeing such acts put by kids, youngsters, middle-aged and even old people.


As that man had said 15 years back “begging is an easy for earning money”.

Now if you see, India has changed – out states, cities have changed. Now everyone has money, everyone knows to live lavishly. I do not know about other states or cities but yes Bangalore has changed – its come to the international standards. Even the begging has reached international standards…! 🙂


Until and unless people are aware that this is the only short-span idea of earning money, nothing can change in this society.


Begging is such a vicious cycle in this society that even if you want to eradicate, it comes back.


That’s why i say begging is an art.

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  1. Hey Su, Such a nice blog yaaar… you have a born gift of blogging… 😉 Keep it up…

  2. Hi sunayana,
    First every one of us shame on this activities because actually we are encouraging them, in my exp I never give single rupee for them except who are not able to do work. It is nice post I appreciate your work. Watch my blog

  3. Yeag Dear,

    Yes I agree with you only at certain level, coz As I think not all doing the same business what you said. Really some people need a help to lead there life. I have a plenty of exmple here one, dialy when I am from home to office one old grand ma sitting next to her hut and begging for single Rs seems like she is alone and unable to walk properly.Very poor lady. “Nange Tumba bejar haguthe, yaru elvalla e mudkige antha” . And she keep talking some thing did`nt understand properly its in tamil. So e tharadvrige yar help madthare yelu, avrigu heart annodu ede, manasannod ede, badukbeku anthanu erbhu.Thats way there begging that does`t mean that they are making fool to us.

    “Prathyakshavagi Nodidru pramaninisi nodu antha kannda da gade ede”

  4. what ever you are saying is correct – i understand.
    but have you noticed, there are ~2-5% people who beg because they really are helpless. but the rest are the people who can help themselves, find a small job and earn.
    i see young men and women, who are capable of finding a job – i know its not very easy to find one when he/she is not educated – but i always believe, “where there is a will, there is a way”.
    what do you think? the govt of india has provided options like basket weaving, handlooms etc for the under priveledge people.
    no one uses them and then money is gone to the politicians who are happy.
    its a vicious cycle, manja, it starts like this – kids are born in the poor house -> they grow little old, still the parents dont have money to send the kids to school -> the parents think and think to send the kids to school -> the kids are grown by now -> now no school -> parents are growing old, and they pressurise these kids to work -> since they are not educated and have got everything till now by begging -> they will get in future by begging -> now again they marry and produce kids.
    0.1% of these people strive to do something better – they rise from their current position and they live better…


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