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Okies, long time i have not blogged – not so  long enough i would say, but yes its been long…!

I did not get an appropriate title than this because of the fact that many things happened in between these timeline that i would like to share, and i think that would be interesting for you to read…

18th January 2009: 

On 18th Jan 2009(Sunday), we – volunteers’ group had a cultural festival, for kids, from 7 orphanages/NGO, in Bangalore. This was our motto :– Help us ensure that the words “Under” and “Privileged”, never get used together!!! “Break Free” – as the name suggests, provided a platform to the under-priviliged kids to break the barriers of society and come together on stage to showcase their talent. Besides the opportunity to present their skills, the event also aimed to inculcate in the children a sense of self-confidence and to provide an opportunity to interact amongst themselves. Nearly 230 kids from 7 NGOs : Arya Sevhshrama, Anatha Sishu Sevashrama, Asha Nilaya, Makkala Jagriti, Nivedita Nele, Santosh Charitable Trust and Sree Veena Vidya Niketan – who had never in had an opportunity to face the audience – participated in the event. The event was inaugurated by Mr. Rajeev Gowda MV, Professor in the Economics and Social Sciences Area, IIM Bangalore. Other guests being AN Yelappa Reddy, former secretary, Department of Ecology and Corporate Social Responsibility representatives from Collabera and Mahindra Engineering. The event comprised of group dances, solo performances and speeches given by the kids. What did we as vounteers contributed to this event, we volunteered as music teachers, dance teachers etc to these NGOs, prepared the kids to perfom on stage and provided them with moral boost that they always need.


Let me tell you, these are the kids with immense talent, you would just stand there wondering – “are these the same kids who come from a poor background??”, they possess high energy levels, great enthusiasm but all they need is the moral boost that says “yes, dear you too can do it…!! I am with you and you need worry so much, I will help you achieve your dreams..” That is all these kids need. Trust me it feels good, to look into their eyes with full of dreams and then pushing them towards their dreams. It is some feeling that just can be experienced but not told…!!! 🙂 And best of all, for the NGO where I taught music, won the third prize in group singing competition….!!!! Yipppiee….!!!!! 

Here are the links for the pics that were shot on that day, do have a look


20 January 2009: 

Mr. Barack H Obama, was sworn as the 44th President of United Status. He swore with “preserve, protect and defend the constitution”. This was the first time i have seen an American being sworn as the President, and trust me it felt good to see the ceremony. The words he spoke, no matter he will fulfill all of them or some of them, but was really good. He also lay his hand on the Bible that President Abe Lincoln used it while he swore as the President. No matter what happens, President Obama has brought a change to the existing world, a change that has united the world and removed the “color bias” from this world. It is now that we need to focus, as a single state, to move ahead in the future but not as a different states or country in this world. We all, as a group should set ourselves some “To-Do” lists to change the world for a better life. 


Once again, I would like to congratulate Mr. President and wish him the success that he is going to bring to this world…!! 

26th January 2009:

26th January 1950 is one of the most important days in Indian history as it was on this day the constitution of India came into force and India became a truly sovereign state. In this day India became a totally republican unit. Today we are in our 60th year of independence, we stand proud of our independence and united we stand on this day when we can say – “we earned our independence with pride and dignity” 

India fought for freedom for a very long time, lost many many lives and finally achieved what we deserved. It was on 15th August, 1947 India got freedom and still India was in chaos with the after-war situation. The responsibility of India before Independence was to fight for freedom and after India got freedom, the main concern came in economic crisis and regulation of the country.



sāre jahān se acchā hindostān hamārā

ham bulbulain hai is ki, yeh gulsitān hamārā

ghurbat men hon agar ham, rahta hai dil vatan men

samjho vahīn hamen bhī, dil hain jahān hamārā

parbat voh sab se ūnchā, hamsāya āsmān ka

voh santari hamārā, voh pāsbān hamārā

godi men kheltī hain is ki hazāron nadiyā

gulshan hai jin ke dam se, rashk-e-janān hamārā

aye āb, raud, ganga, voh din hen yād tujhko

utarā tere kināre, jab kārvān hamārā

maz’hab nahīn sikhātā āpas men bayr rakhnā

hindvi hai ham, vatan hai hindostān hamārā

yūnān-o-misr-o-romā, sab miṭ gaye jahān se

ab tak magar hai bāqi, nām-o-nishān hamārā

kuch bāt hai keh hastī, miṭati nahīn hamārī

sadiyon rahā hai dushman, daur-e-zamān hamārā

iqbal ko’ī meharam, apnā nahīn jahān men

m’alūm kya kisī ko, dard-e-nihān hamārā


Better than the entire world, is our Hindustan;

we are its nightingales of mirth, and it is our garden abode

Though in foreign lands we may reside, with our homeland our hearts abide,

Regard us also to be there, where exist our hearts

That mountain most high, neighbor to the skies;

it is our sentinel; it is our protector

In the lap of whose, play thousands of rivers;

gardens they sustain; the envy-of-the-heavens of ours

O waters of the Ganga mighty, do you recall the day

when on your banks, did land the caravan of ours

Religion does not teach us to harbour grudges between us

Indians we all are; India, our motherland

While Greece, Egypt , Rome have all been wiped out

till now yet remains, this civilization of ours {it has stood the test of time}

Something there is that keeps us,our entity from being eroded

For ages has been our enemy, the way of the world

Iqbal! Is there no soul that could

understand the pain in thy heart?



This patriotic song was sung when India, Pakistan and Bangladesh was one part – one country – one family. How good that time was when there were not people dying because of cross-border tensions…!! 

But for now i would say, we need to stand and stand with our heads high. For we have to rise to the challenge of change. It is enough that we sit and act on our childish pranks, we are growing and we need to grow to be a better country. I am sure will can do it and we will definitely do it. Jai Hind….!!!

With this note, that “we need to get accustomed to only one thing in life and that is change“, i wish everyone in India “Happy Republic Day”. 



P.S: One more thing, in this week my blog stats became 3000. Yipppiee.. I am happy to see that my blog is being viewed >3000 times and thank you one and all… 🙂 I appreciate your support and really thank your comments in my post. Keep reading and keep supporting me like this…! Thanks once again.. 

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