Bizzare…!!! (3)

Centre tightens visa regulations; US, UK protest  is on the front page of The Times of India today and i was shocked to see the developed countries protesting. 🙂

The reason for the visa regulations getting tightened in India is due to Headley case.. Why this has become a thing to protest is because people who enter India with a tourist visa and then life is all cool for them.. Some even arrive in India on tourist visas and use the country as the base for travel to nearby nations..

But one question that needs to be answered is when our country is getting threatened by the outside force, i think it is OKAY to regulate the norms.. I think the other countries too would do the same… Then why all the fuss???? 😀

But whatever strict the rules are made, India is one place where laws can be broken easily, the evidence of this is we see in the newspapers daily.. .. Somewhere terrorists entered and killed people… somewhere else someone was caught because he was a terror suspect …

OKAY, if the rules are stringent and rules will be made MORE stringent, why such things we get to read in newspapers..??!!

No matter what measures they take, i feel, India doesnt learn from the past experiences… I feel sorry to say this as every day people like me think what next, what do we expect now – bomb or something – our lives arent secured… Who is going to protect us? NO ONE…!!! 🙂 Anyways am used it..!!!

It is going to be the same thing no matter what comes up in the newspapers. Today it is in the front page and tomorrow no news about it at all… :))) LMAO… Does this change?

As i always say, it is vicious cycle, whats to be changed and where no one knows…!!!!

That’s why such news seems like BIZZARE to me…!!!!! 🙂 Say what???!!????


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