Bradley Effect, US Polls

In my last post, i talked about US Elections. With that, i came across an interesting fact called as Bradley Effect.
I thought it would be interesting to talk about it here in my blog.

What is Bradley effect?
It is also called as Wilder effect and it is named after African American US Senator Tom Bradley. This concept – infact a phenomenon, was introduced in 1982 where Tom Bradley lost the election to a White Senator inspite of being far ahead in the election opinion polls.
What exactly happens in this kind of situation – voters(specially white voters) do not mention their true preference while the opinon polls are conducted due to which that candidate’s (black candidate) poll results shows that he is leading candidate (white candidate). But on the election day, they would vote for his white opponent.


Now the question arises, will obama face this bradley effect? No one knows and we need to wait till end of today or by tomorrow as the election results will be out and the decision as to who is going to lead the world’s strongest nation would be decided today.

But i always wonder, how will the effect of “Bradley Effect” on Indian Polictics, if at all one day we have only two parties in our democracy…!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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