Curiosity can kill you…!

It was a normal saturday for me, got up late, my parents were busy in the household work – cleaning and what not !

But there was this special cleaning going on – we have an underground tank for storing water and an over-head tank as well. So dad decided he will get this cleaned up.
So all the work started and it went on well – the tanks were cleaned by afternoon and was left to dry.
So, on this lazy day, i had a nice tasty lunch and took a nap. At around 4:15PM, there was a knock on my room door and that was my mom and dad were planning to go out for sometime and they would return.

After i latched main door of my home, i went back to sleep. ๐Ÿ™‚ I know it is a lazy saturday and i was more lazy than ever.

Then, after a few minutes perhaps, i wake up and then made myself a cup of coffee. And i got curious and eager to look at the underground tank that was cleaned.

I hate myself for being so curious and eager types because i am sure of ending up in a mess. The same thing happened to me this time too and “crap” i dont learn.

Anyways, i was curious to death that how does the tank looked like – without any water in it and what not.

So after the nice cuppa, i opened the lid of the tank and i just happened to bend down to see what it looks like down there, i slipped and fell..! I know everyone reading this must be cusring me and my curiosity for a minute, but yes i fell inside the damn tank.

I do not remember the things that went on a few seconds and when i came to my senses, i realised the damn lid was closed on top. “how on earth did that happen? was anyone there who did this?” and many other questions that went in my head and trust me i was hell shocked and pretty scared.

Have you experienced this moment of darkness where you dont know how to react or even talk because of the shock that you just got ? – well that happened to me within minutes of being in the tank. I did not know what to do – i was totally blank and totally blacked out.

And, now my survival skills started to pump up in my brains and i started thinking of all possible ways to make myself go out. I even dint know how deep was this tank – never bothered to ask dad. But i was sure that i wouldnot reach the lid.

Main door is open, anyone can barge in the house kind of thoughts revolved in my head. Most important of all, I AM GOING TO DIE IN MY OWN HOME…. AAARRGGGGHHHHHHHH……!!!!!!
Then there was this pipe on the same corner of the tank lid was and trust me i dont to climb a tree and i was struggling hard to even try to climb the darn pipe.

And all the while i cursed and cursed myself hard for bringing this “curiosity” thought.

At last i could climb to the end of that small thin pipe – prayed to god that it doesnt break or crack or anything to happen that can worsen my current situation – and i started hitting the lid hard and harder possible.

After some time, i could feel the pain in my hand and it started to burn. Then i look at my hand and the surroundings and i see myself hitting hard at the wall beside my bed in my sleep. In an instant i got up with a shock and glad to find myself in the home, on my bed but not in the darn tank. I killed my curiosity then and there itself, I thanked god and then went to sleep again. ๐Ÿ™‚

So i advice you all, next time you get this “curiosity” itch up your bones, “hold on, dont try stunts man…” !!!!

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  1. Super story……. Manushyange ententa kansugalu biLuttappa!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Devvvvarrre kaapadu… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Yeah Really gr8 dear, why can`t u try for writting a one story instead of blog,
    I am telling sceriously da..


  3. hey manja, thanks for the comments kano. sometimes i think i could be a story writer but always dismiss this thought saying i need to be more creative to write all that.
    So it is just a thought for now, let us see where it can go…!
    Thanks for coming by my blog… ๐Ÿ™‚


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