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I read this report recently in Times of India recently and that made me think – could we see the future, is each one of us something equivalent to god???!!!


Read on…!


You must have experienced a situation where you had predicted something to happen and that has indeed. That’s because of the reason that our visual system has the ability to anticipate the future.


Now read this report:-

 “A new study from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute suggests that the human visual system is equipped with the ability to foresee the future. Assistant Professor Mark Changizi says that it takes nearly one-tenth of a second for the brain to perceive what the eyes see. To compensate for such neural delays, he claims, the visual system has developed the ability to generate perceptions of what will occur one-tenth of a second into the future.”



That means whatever we see it has been perceived one-tenth of a second earlier. Wow… Doesn’t that sound interesting.


Let me share my small experience that i had couple of years back – I had a very minor accident while I was riding my scooty in Bangalore. Trust me, just few minutes before I could sense that the other biker is going to come in the wrong way and hit my bike and that’s what happened !! Then I did not understand why this happened. I was startled that how could I perceive something that happened yet not change the course of it.


Yeah, imagine, we perceive something that will happen and then if could change the course of actions – it would change the world – for good and for bad…!


May be this explains the gods in our country – the sadhu baabas, the krishnas and the ramas – who had a better perception skills, better visual systems, thus they could see the future and then if something is going wrong they would change the course of action.


Also the report says “Building on his “perceiving-the-present” hypothesis, Changizi was able to systematically organize and explain more than 50 types of visual illusions that occur because the brain is trying to perceive the near future.”


That’s why when mother or father say, don’t do this xyz work and it will fail, that will definitely fail because they have “perceived the present”. 🙂


That’s scary, is it? No, it shouldn’t be, because of the fact that, what you visualize is entirely different than that of the other person.


Now, one may ask, whose prediction will come true – yours or the other person’s? – as per my understanding for this – it all depends on how the ability of person’s thinking goes. 🙂


The next time whatever just crossed your mind and that happens, it is not mere magic, but your excellent god’s gift – the visual system.


So start thinking and think right…! 😀

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