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Picture this:
You enter one of the lanes in a village; you see a building almost in rubbles, you go further in the building where you see a middle-aged man scribbling some math problems on the so-called blackboard and you see a bunch of kids of different ages in the room studying.

Well, this is no story but the reality of most schools in the villages in India. These are the schools that are funded by the government and other sources – but reality is that no funds or very little funds reach them.

Children in spite of being interested in studying, do not attend schools, such as this school – Shri Chanmardi Rural High School, Tarikere Taluk, is because of the lack of amenities, less teacher-student ratio etc.
As rightly said “…our children are as important to the future of the country as the economy…”, we definitely can do something about the betterment of schools like these. I always wondered, funds pour in to the destitute places and schools specially in the city where everything and everyone are at an arm’s distance, but what happens to schools like these in villages where there is no one to help?

There is this initiative that my close friend, Manjunath, has planned for. Still this is in planning process where i too am helping in bringing this to a better stage so that we all could pour in our help.

So keep watching this blog, i will post more news about this in a short span on time.

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  1. Hi Sapta,

    Thanks a lot for your help and support even though having your tight schedule, I really appriciate.



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