On 23rd August, a lazy Saturday – for all software engineers, i got up at 6:00 AM and prepared myself to go to a school called as Hope Foundation where i was volunteering for a painting competition.

The journey from my home to this school was treacherous as the school is located in one end of Bangalore (RT Nagar) and my home is in the other. But thanks to my company CSR, they had provided us (volunteers) the necessary transport.

Once we reached the school, i was all excited for the competition that is being scheduled. We all met the children, all smiling and very friendly. So here are some pictures (taken by me, copyright © Sunayana).


 Found these bunch of highly enthu kids who couldn’t stop smiling and posing for the camera…!!! 🙂


 And, this cute little girl, who was so pretty and her smile just made my day… (sorry that i don’t remember her name but her smile will last in memory forever).

Sorry to say, the facilities in most of poor schools have minimum or no amenities at all, but that doesnt stop these kids to think big. I think we always crib of having nothing, that god is not happy with us and what not, seeing these kids we can definitely learn how to be happy when there is nothing around us.

For example, i met Abdul – 7th std kid from this school who dreams to be a scientist just like Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam and he proudly told me “since my name is also Abdul, ill also be come like Abdul Kalam” and trust me i was taken to different world altogether.

There was another kid (sorry i forgot his name again) who instead of drawing trees, mountains animals etc, you will be surprised if i tell you, he drew computer set and proudly announced to all volunteers that he would want to become a software engineer like all of us. 🙂 He even asked some of us what he should study to become one. Such thoughts, i think, most of us wouldn’t have had when we were at his age…

There are so many things that one could learn going to places like this, being admist of people/children who live happily inspite of not having all the luxuries in life – one would definitely learn how to have hope.

There is a famous quote that goes something like this “Hold on… Better future awaits thee…”, with this i conclude my blog and say one last thing to all, “have hope… and keep smiling… things will turn out be brighter and better…

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  1. Excellent post. Loved it.


  2. “HOPE” is a good thing, may be the best of things and no GOOD thing ever dies… So never ever loose HOPE…



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