How do you succeed when everything is changing?

How do you succeed when everything is changing?

In my last blog, I had mentioned that the only thing that is permanent in this world is change. This blog of mine talks little more about the changing world and some of the easy ways to adapt to these changes.

The world is changing. The developing country of ours is turning into the developed one. There are many opportunities as well as the competitions are also on its peak. The people around us are not the same.

People will do anything to get to the top. People will do anything to secure their future.
We should adapt ourselves such that we need to succeed when almost everything is changing. I came across this thought while I was browsing through some technical journal. The title just struck me and I thought I should blog about it.

I am trying to list down few things which I feel is necessary to succeed when everything is changing (few hints I got from internet – of course! And thank all the people who have talked about it on the internet – and few are my own experience ;-))

  • Be an enthu in what ever you do. Someone has rightly said “enthusiasm is the wondrous engine of life”. ( à this is good link which talks about enthusiasm).
    Discover your talents and be happy with what ever you have.
  • Follow your dream.
  • Think positive and look for happiness/opportunities in what you do.
    Be open to challenges. A cousin of mine had given me this gyaan when I had asked him “there are so many new technologies so many new domains and so many things to do, what if one day the company we work in asks us to leave where to go after that (I literally feel sad about it – trust me this so common now-a-days), he had told me we should adapt ourselves to the changes: right now we are in the IT industry, if we have to learn biotechnology one day we need to do it with a zeal”.
  • Think/dream big.
  • Don’t worry much about the people who change; don’t bother about them. Sometimes there are only a few people in this world who will be with us. The rest are just there to mock us, to put us down. So need not worry much about them.
  • Set your goals in life.
  • Remember:- “every cloud has a silver lining”, “hold on, better fate awaits thee”
    After you get up every morning tell to yourself “I’m going to succeed in any hurdle which comes in front of me”.
  • A strong desire to achieve that day’s goal, to be happy will win 3/4th of the battle.
  • Think about success and you will definitely succeed.
  • My parents always say this – toughen your strengths more rather than looking for your weaknesses.
  • Try and fail, but don’t fail to try.
  • Last but not the least, believe in yourself. That’s one of the foremost and most vital of all the things mentioned.

Of course, I do not say life is easy. But then life is also not that difficult that one cannot make his/her way out.

With that I would like to conclude my blog with a thank you note to all the people (includes my parents, my close pals and everyone close to my heart) who have helped me to be where I am. Still I have a long journey to go, I know, but by these words in mind, I think, it would be little easier to run the race of life.

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