How will be their resumes?

Yesterday, while returning back from office, i stopped over at a petrol bunk (that is a petrol filling station). A guy there asked me whether i would want the car’s windshield to be cleaned? I said OK as the windshield was so covered with dust. ๐Ÿ™‚

Then, once he did that i searched my wallet to give him some money, but unfortunately dint have a few coins, so i tossed him a 10 rupee note. Hey now you don’t start jumping on me saying that HOW COULD I GIVE 10 RUPEES TO THE GUY WHO CLEANED THE WINDSHIELD?????!!!!?????

Come on, have you never felt like giving away some money to the needy poor? I usually dont entertain the beggars at the traffic junctions, but i do give money to the hard working laborers i come across. Isnt it ok???! ๐Ÿ™‚

OK coming to the point – also to the subject line – when i gave that money to that guy, his superior (cashier) looked at me and gave a soft smile and then looked at the guy and he was lost in his thoughts for few seconds.

May be i am wrong in judging the cashier’s thoughts, but this is what he may have thought when he looked at the cleaner after taking money from me – “i too was once there at your position, but with quick learning and good opportunities, i have come to be a cashier. Patience, you too will become something in a while”

With that thought, i left the bunk and i was lost in my thoughts.

We, highly educated professionals, crave for high-profile jobs, rig our resumes so that we can sell ourselves better. I wonder how will these laborers rig their resumes to jump from one post in the bunk to the other ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!

They will not have any resumes, if you are still thinking…! I do not know how do they manage to get their small jobs – do they jump often as we jump, or do they stick onto the same place for a long time and then with friends’ or relatives’ help they jump to another?

No matter what they do with their small jobs, i always feel they are the most happiest lot in the whole community – with a small job, small home, small income and a happy life.

Say what????

With this i would wish you all a bright and lovely day ahead…!


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