“I me Myself” Trilogy – Episode One – Death By Lizard

Myself is the narrator or basically the moderator or the director of this trilogy.
I am the brain and the one who doesn’t worry so much, pretty cool, modern and very straight forward.

Me is a heart and soul (not sole) and who does a lot of worrying, bothering, feeling bad and sad and happy all the time – basically who is full of emotions. Now something that happened which has triggered a conversation between I and Me and Myself is just casually looking on hearing to their conversation as at the last Myself needs to make a comment and a conclusion.

I: Man, how did that happen eh?
Me: Yeah, I am pretty shocked. I never thought this would happen but whatever happened shouldn’t have happened.

I: but the feeling of that happening is sad – irritating…!
Me: Yeah, but I feel scared. Not like as if one sees a scary movie but little worried. I heard some weird stories about what happened and no one knows what the truth is since the person will not be alive to tell the truth.

I: What? Who said anyone is going to die if that happens? No one dies if a lizard falls on anyone. Are you crazy?
Me: No no no it’s the truth. Believe me. remember grand-ma used to tell?

I: What? HA hahaha. Now tell me what are you? You are a post-graduate in Computer science and living in 21st century and you are talking all this? Wake up my child….

Myself: 21st century? Are you sure? Well I would get back with the correct infor on this and ill make a note so that I don’t forget 😉

Me: no matter what the education is we are brought up in this country where we are asked and taught to pay attention to the culture and value it.

I: Ok I agree we are taught to value our culture but this country hasn’t taught us to believe the crap! It is called as superstitious, not belief 😉 hope you know the difference between that 😀

Me: every time I say something you make fun of it and I just don’t understand. I dint make it up. Some elder said that and I am just telling you.


Me: then tell me why all of sudden you felt giddy and you were about to get hit by a truck? Ha tell me now…????!!!

I: Come on ya. First of all there was no street light and I think the truck driver was drunk, so he couldn’t see a person parked near that pavement. 😉 and for that you are linking this.

Me: literally into tears, not knowing what to say turn towards myself.

Now it’s the time I have to provide my comments/conclusion to this episode of Death by a Lizard: here it goes what? No one dies because a lizard falling and puleez wake up…!!!! Just that one might get some rashes and that’s all. And if you still feel that you will die, you cant help it as what ever has to happen will definitely happen and no one can stop it. 🙂

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