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After a long time, i felt there was something interesting to read in the newspapers. Yesterday, it was full of interesting stuff in The Times, mostly the Editorials.

Everywhere there are talks about India-Pakistan issue – where people from all walks of life are suggesting what has to be done or not. People say that Pakistan is acting like a small kid – blaming India instead of taking responsibility of the Mumbai Terror Attack, at least if not taking responsibility doing something really about it.

Off lately, what i have found funny is that the lone terrorist survived has admitted that he is from Pakistan, but now Pakistan says “that is not enough to prove that he is from this country, that needs proofs…!” OKAY, what else is needed???!!?? ๐Ÿ™‚

Then there was this article that talked about George Bush finishing his tenure as the President of United States. One article talked about the 8 years he was in power and how his bad decisions led to various bad situations that went way out of control. The only one bad decision that the whole world thinks is the invasion in Iraq. I mean, in the name of armament check, US invaded Iraq and that did not do any good and neither they found any armaments. Just that the whole world lost faith on US…!

As per the American poll, more than 75% of Americans are glad that Bush is finishing his tensure and there is some respite for the people all around the world.

There was this article where one writer compares George Bush to The Joker of Batman Series where the Joker makes you laugh and cry at the same time. It goes like giving instances where Bush made everyone laugh with his statements – “Your eminence..” instead of “Your Holiness” to the Pope, calling Australian Troops as Austrian Troops, winking as the Queen of Britian etc; and make everyone cry with his actions – sending troops to Iraq, waging a war against Iraq, almost ignored about the pollution/environment in his 8 years of Presidency.

Then, i came across this article on health that said drinking water and walking would keep you healthy for ever no matter you are fat or thin. Water is the most essential ingredient to the body and that is the key for all prevention of ailments. The writer also gives an example like earlier people used to walk like 2-3 kms to meet their friends or go to the market, in turn that would make them thirsty and they would drink good loads of water – that kept them healthy fit and fine for years to come… Looking at the present scenario, i think we could do little bit of walking and drinking water – if not to go meet your friends – atleast in the gym…! ๐Ÿ™‚

So, 2008 is coming to an end now. I am not that enthu about the year ending or the new year coming. It is as normal as any other day. Is this the sign of getting old??? ๐Ÿ™‚

Many people i have talked to, also feel the same. May be, as usual, we all love the blame-game, lets all blame it on the bad markets that are making us feel like this…!!!!



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  1. Happy new year! Great blog you have up here! Will frequent more!

  2. Hey, thanks a tonne for coming by my blog.. Keep reading..!
    And wish you a very happy new year too… ๐Ÿ™‚


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