I wish I could…

I look up the sky,

To see the clouds,

Those white bright clouds, 

Lazying around in the blue sky.

Wish I could be those clouds,  

Wandering from one place to another… 

I look outside my window,

To see a bird,

Happily sitting on the window’s edge,

And flying high into the sky.

Wish I could be the bird,

Soaring high into the sky… 

I hear the fountain near my building,

Each droplet happily,

Chatting and laughing to each other,

Wish I could be like those water droplets,

Chatting and laughing my way out of the day… 

I wish I could be this and that,

Waiting to spend my time,

Dreaming and enjoying all

The things that are present

In this world…

I wish I could…


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IT consultant by profession, writer/blogger by passion. I love photography. I write about general affairs in day to day life spanning across inspirational thoughts/quotes, women/child/animal rights, photography, DIYs, book reviews to name a few. Follow me - Twitter: @sunayana18 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sunayana18 Polka Cafe (freelance writer): http://www.polkacafe.com/sunayana MyTrendingStories(freelance/contributor): https://mytrendingstories.com/profile/su-srikanth/

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