Interview: Dark Knight in the Dark World

Do you like dark themes? Do you like being in the dark world and do things that are related to dark world?

Are you shocked that i ask such questions and do not know how to react? Then read on as this is all about what i wanetd to know about dark world. One day I got a weird reaction when i wore black nail polish and i was called a devil worshipper..!!!

So lame..!

From then on, i have been wondering about the differences people have created between the good world and the bad world. I dint have any perspective any idea of what it is and what it means, until i met this friend of mine..

A guy, named Kiran, recently became a friend of mine in office, we both joined this team recently… He told me, he likes dark stuff, meaning dark themes like death, dark world and all. Since my knowledge on this is very minimal, i took an informal interview with him to know more of what he means by dark world and dark themes.. Read on to get a “better perspective” as he coins it…

J, Kiran : i like the dark themes in lifeDark World
Me: the dark lord eh?
J, Kiran: well…. my online names r like death_scream, scream of death, guardianof thedarkworld etc
Me: phew…! thats too much i always wanted to know if u dont mind in answering my question
J, Kiran: ??
Me: why do people get so obsessed with dark themes and stuff? think this is an interview ill blog it out. thank u so much i got a theme to blog for now
J, Kiran: hmmm.. it’s like the ultimate truth i mean death etc
Me: how? how can it  be? see i agree death is the ultimate thing that cannot be changed in life
J, Kiran: cos whatever ppl might make u believe….things cant last forever
Me: yes i agree this
J, Kiran: dark themes essential r by nature dangerous….
Me: but why death is always resembled to something dark. that is the mind perspective isnt it?
J, Kiran: maybe….
Me: why good things are white and pink and all. and bad things are dark and black? it is all in the mind isnt it
J, Kiran: u can say that.. but what i think is. in the dark….. hidden places… evil can be camoflaged. in the dark u will not know wher what is …… the deception, the hidden, etc. relatively negative words can be more associated with dark than light
Me: so people who like dark stuff means they have  something hidden in their mind that shouldnt be shown to people which isnt good???
J, Kiran: maybe…. but it never’s good to be an open book. also ppl r not white or black…….they r grey
Me: yes that is true because they have both good and bad hidden in them. phew…! that was too good..! never knew all this.. 
J, Kiran: well….. i guess u hv enough expert comments for ur blog now

By the end of this conversation, i was little satisfied with few things..

But whatever it is, i am still in a confused state as to how can one like dark themes and dark stuff.

I too know death is the ultimate thing that cannot be changed by one, the way a person has to die is not set or pre-defined by any mortal, and i admire the fact that no mortal can escape one thing in his lifetime that is death but having a liking towards the dark stuff is little way beyond my believing level…. 🙂

With this i would like to conclude my post to give you somethings to think about…


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