Little things we do

Little things we do –

Today I got a mail from one of my colleague asking for employees who have done little things that inspire people around – and I remembered what I did yesterday.

Since just a week old in WA, I accompanied other volunteers to a place called as Makkala Jagruthi – a home for destitute children – who come there to learn, to  be free from all the worries.

These are the children from the nearby slums – basically not orphans – but who cannot afford things which we all did in our childhood.

The feeling of entering such places is totally different. That’s the feeling one should go through in their lives.

We have always had everything – starting from our childhood – yet we feel and (some even say it loud) that we haven’t been that lucky in our lives, not got what we have always wanted.

I would say please go to one of the destitute homes for orphanages or institutions that help the needy. Then I bet you will have a different statement all-together.

Yesterday I had been to Makkala Jagriti and I was happy to see that still good elements in humans are still alive. Few months back I had this clear in my mind that the kindness in humans has dimished and there are very less people left who are willing to help others without any second thought, but I was proved wrong. The humanity still exists. And that could be seen in Makkala Jagriti. 

A different kind of world exists in MJ- there are computers where computer classes are been held for these children, dance/yoga is being taught in full fledge, tuitions on various subjects are being given, toys – books, all provided and most importantly the love from the volunteers is always present in abundance.

My fellow-volunteers introduced me to the staff there and to some of the kids present and trust me, I felt so good – so content with life. My first experience with something like this.

Since exams have started, some of the kids who attend school are busy – so only tutions along with dance and yoga is being taught by some of the volunteers. 

We have few activities that are lined up for all the kids for summer this year. And I am looking forward for the same. 🙂

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count – it’s the life in your years.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Few things if we keep in mind, as a first step to help the needy, like not encouraging child-labor (by not buying stuff from kids who sell things at traffic junction instead giving them some food/chocolates etc); switching the lights/monitors off whenever not in use (so that all the resources are saved for the next few years to come); not waste water/food (as there are parts of the world where this is a scarcity) etc.

There are a few small things – that will definitely make a difference and of course be the initial steps to do something for the needy. 🙂

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