Man vs Beast…!!!!

Yesterday i was watching this reality show (i think soo…!) that had this interesting title “Man vs Beast”. At first when i saw the title i was little curious and eager as to what will be next and i had HIGH expectations from this…! Trust me I did and anyone who would read this title, he or she will definitely have pretty good expectations.

Let me say i started seeing this show in the middle when i had nothing to watch. So, when i clicked this channel, a guy – someone from the army was talking and the host was asking “whom are you going to bet on – the navy cadet or the chimpanzee??”

For that, the army man proudly announced “i will always bet on the army man because we all are desciplined and descipline will make us win”.

And then the competition started with announcing the credentials of each opponent. They described the navy cadet and then about the chimpanzee.ย 

This guy – man – looked huge ok – tall and well built and what not (also good looking ๐Ÿ™‚ ). And this poor little chimpanzee weighing some little pounds and with 3 feet or so was cute as well.

Then both the opponents were asked to get ready, set and then they were asked to go.ย 

All the hurdles were the usual army training hurdles with rope being tied at a height and then climb it, a muddy stretch where one has to cross crawling, a high foot wall where one has to get over it and cross etc etc. Apologies, i do not know the exact names for each of these tasks, but i hope you got what i am trying to say.ย 

ok, then what happens is that the guy crosses all the hurdles easily and then he wins the competition and then that army guy appears again and he again says his famous dialogue.ย 

After seeing that, i felt really bad for the chimp. Since men are so used to their enviroment they can do their stuff easily and more than that that navy cadet would have gone through those hurdles earlier many times in his career thats why when he was asked to cross those, he did it with ease. But for the chimp it was a new one and possibly it would have been trained earlier. But still it is in this “human’s space” and no animal no matter how much you train it, it still would not be perfect as we are BECAUSE WE ARE HUMANS AND IT IS AN ANIMAL AND WE ARE HAVING THIS COMPETITION IN OUR COMFORT….!!!20080627084203_mvb_s1

Now my question is, can that guy do the same and be so confident in that animal’s territory? In a jungle where there will be poisonous bushes, snakes and what not?ย 

There a man/human will not succeed…! And thats what is a Man vs Beast…! And not what i just described…! ๐Ÿ™‚

In the next set, couple of dwarfs have to compete a baby elephant to pull a boeing…!!!!! Couple of dwarfs meaning ~30 of them…!!!! Now think how stupid that would be… No matter ~30 dwarfs total weight/strength may be equivalent to that of the baby elephant, but is it fair? But i did not see that competition as i wasnt interested because i did not find it neither fair nor interesting… It was just simply not entertaining…

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  1. Man doesnt need to prove his superiority on animals with these tricks… Man needs to do things of higher consequences! Thanks for this post1

  2. XuGoYB Thanks for good post

  3. yeah, very true, man need not prove his strengths in front of the animals kept in the zoo. That is not a challenge at all.
    Staying in the wild with minimal equipments is the challenge..! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for coming by my blog..



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