Ridiculous State of India

I was browsing through the Times web page and saw something funny.

The headline reads like this “SRK has disappointed?” and i was taken back when i read the whole article – it said that famous celebrities neither have commented nor appeared in the Mumbai Peace march that was held yesterday, and many columnists and writers have shown their disappointment for this.

What???!!! smileyshocked

I don’t understand – will the dead come back if you do a peace march or sit in front of the camera and argue who should be doing what????!!???

Instead of talking, it would be highly appreciated if people act and do something rather than show disappointment that celebrities haven’t come for this or that.

And, a big issue has to be made that these celebrities didn’t turn up or show their concerns, there are several other stuff for which an issue has to be made.

I mean – many have got killed in the Mumbai blasts and many are getting killed daily in various parts of the country, has anyone done anything about it? Terrorists enter this country without any problem and they do what ever they feel like, has anyone done anything about it? Our money, taxes are all being spent on the luxuries of the politicians, has anyone done anything about it?

All any one can do anything is feel disappointed that some celebrity did not participate in Mumbai Peace March or how no one was invited in a celebrity’s wedding…!!!sad

Oh, Come on!!! How ridiculous this can turn out to be, man????!!!!!??????And, now I am disappointed and saddened by the state of this country…!!!!

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