Slumdog Millionaire…!

Slumdog Millionaire won 8 Oscars….!!! And A.R. Rehman for best music score for this film…!!!
Isnt it good..??

Basically, the story is all about a young fellow from slum who wins Rs. 20 Million by winning in a contest called “Who wants to be a millionaire”. This fellow (Jamal – played by Dev Patel), who drops out of school, with no education background end up in India’s biggest reality show.

How he knows all the anwers to the questions – different incidents that have happened in his life. These incidents also act as a stepping stones or lessons for him to be a better person in life – better than his elder brother who becomes the goon. The story is so nicely woven around Jamal and his life, his growing years, he falling in love, then going live on the show with only intention to speak/hear from his love, and then meeting her at last… With such a nice story, the music composed by A.R. Rehman is fantastic.

But many have criticised the story saying that slums in India arent that bad as it has been potrayed in the movie, but i do not agree. I think, whatever is been shown in the movie is fair enough and sometimes i feel it is more than what it is been shown.

One has to stop being so ignorant that these things do not exist in India or anywhere in the world. Wherever there are riches, there will be poverty…!

I am not condemning Danny Boyle’s capability here, but i feel, Indian directors too would have done equally a brilliant job and yes there are many movies that have got the potential to be nominated for Oscars as well for winning it, but dont know what exaclty happens 🙂 ..

This post has been an archive since a long time… :S got time to post it on my blog now..!!

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