Still in holiday mood…

Ok, as i told yesterday, i dragged myself out of my bed and then dragged myself to my office. Phew ! that was close.. that was tough πŸ™‚ who will be happy to go to office after a long nice vacation? πŸ˜‰ i think everyone will agree with my current situation.

I gave that session that i had been cribbing about and trust me it went OK – not so great not so bad.

Overall, today is a normal day with normal things happening around me – thank god the testing team are still in “Vacation” mode, thus not much work around.

My sister is leaving to her college – she studies in Nitte (mangalore dist.) and for sure i am going to miss her. She is one hell of a person, ill tell you but she is my best-est buddy in this world and no matter what i have her around me for all the support, fun, shopping and things that you name.

The most shocking news from my side is that while i drove to my office in the morning – peak-office hour time, there wasn’t much traffic. i reached office within 35mins and i am hell shocked. πŸ™‚

As i had told earlier in my blogs, no matter what happens, i cannot stop talking about traffic in Bangalore. so here, again i am talking about it even today. He hehee… πŸ™‚ Today i came across this link that shows the BTIS – Bangalore Traffic Information system. The link is ( and it is interesting to see the traffic flow and all the cameras installed in and around Bangalore. Also, one could track the Public transport bus routes and numbers that are between two places in Bangalore – this is highly useful for those who travel frequently through public transport or take these buses in case or emergency. If you have a GPRS in your mobile, your bus routes and numbers are at your finger tips. One more thing in this site is that you can see where the traffic is slow and heavy and thus one could plan for his/her commute accordingly.

Now coming to What will i go home and do – nein, i do not know about it yet :). Probably sleep or watch some TV or do nothing or probably finish reading “Shantaram”. This book is really good – of course it is huge, but definitely good. Sometime i shall write a review for this book and if you get a chance to read this, i recommend – please go ahead and read. My recommendations for this book – 4 1/2 out of 5.

So,Β that’s it for today, keep reading and keep blogging.

Cheers, Su

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  1. Can you give the author and publisher name of the “Shantaram” so that I too can have a look at the book which you recommend highly?

  2. Hi karun,
    Shataram is a book written by Gregory David Roberts.
    In Bangalore, you will find this book in Landmark, Forum Mall.
    The best of the best books that i have read and recommend people to read it.
    Shortly i will write a review of the book. But before that if you want to go pick it up, you can as, again, i strongly recommend it. You will find this interesting too

    and hey thanks for coming by my blog. πŸ™‚ keep reading.
    Cheers, Su

  3. I am impressed by your words that you will blog regularly. Hope you keep your words. Remember I am a regular visitor to your blog πŸ™‚


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