The game of real estate

On a nice sunny sunday, i woke up in the morning and i never knew that i would be able to achieve so many things in my life in such short span of time.

It was scary at first when i started this business as i had forgotten all the plan for the game of real estate trading, i was not sure whether i will ever succeed in such a thing.

Then it all started, for the first time i bought an electric company that made me happy. The rent that i would get on this electric company also was good and i patted my back for buying this.  Then i bought stuff in small towns and cities, trying my luck here and there. Also, i started getting some amount of rent for those purchases.

I was content, and happy with what i had. But then i saw a hotel come up in one of the cities, just in front of my eyes, just like that with some luck and money. I was surprised and i questioned myself what am i doing – why dont i also do the same thing, have a hotel in my city – Bangalore and i saw that the rent for the hotel is huge here in Bangalore.

When the time was right with luck and some money i got a hotel in Bangalore and i started getting good amount of rent as well. Having good amount of money with luck was the best thing that can happen to anyone and i had realised that when i was in that situation…

That was the best time i had, but then all of sudden, everything vanished as my friends and I ended the game of monopoly….!!!!!!! 🙂

We left the coffee shop with a feeling of being rich (by just playing a game) where we were playing monopoly for 3 hours…. LOLs…


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