The world is changing…

I am a resident of Bangalore – the IT hub of India. This beautiful garden city was once a paradise but now everything is changing.

Yesterday there were serial blasts in this peaceful city bringing chaos and havoc to all its residents. And then there was a live bomb that was defused in the most popular mall in a highly populated residential area.

Once after all this, there are serial blasts in Ahmadabad (Gujarat).

The world is changing. Even now i argue with my dad – why are the innocent people being targeted, why are these blasts/killings/jihad in the name of religion?

Trust me, i have never understood terrorism, for I always wonder how can anyone kill the fellow humans in the name of god. Its very shocking and totally unbelievable that people can do such a thing.

I always ask, don’t these people have a guilt conscience that they kill other humans in the name of something that even Science has no solid proof of existence – GOD. Tell me, who has seen god, has god made divisions in humans as Christians, Hindus, Muslims???? Then why is this division from mere mortal? Then if you are such a great believer of God then do not assume and divide your fellow humans on something that is so irrelevant.

My dad had a nice counter statement – if they had conscience then they wouldn’t have done such treacherous tasks of taking someones life in the name of God.

I feel we normal human beings without any destructive thoughts are one religion and the rest, who have no value for a living thing, as another. I guess, these groups have a vision and mission as we all have in our organization – grow to kill/torture the rest of the world…!!!!!!

I was seeing the breaking news few minutes ago, and I am so shocked and so much in pain that patients in a hospital, in Ahmadabad were targeted this time in the name of religion. I could see dead bodies of the patients who had been admitted as emergency cases or traumatised cases.

I swear to god, dont these people have mercy? People are dying here and they are so busy in showing the world that their religion/political party, or what-so-ever they are representing, is great than the rest???!!!!????

I call these people merciless butchers who have no value for a life – anyway they kill animals, now humans are targeted. Humans include women and children too.

The world is coming to a sad situation where there is no value for a life – fellow human beings.

Truly, the world is changing and really no one on this earth has a solution to solve this issue. 

The most powerful countries are clueless as to what has to be done to curb this, and in this time people like us are sitting ducks and specially sitting on something warm called bombs that are yet to explode….!!!!!!

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  1. Dear,

    Hmmm:) !!!! so much anxiety , coooool, Why your only targeting religion. The cause of all things happening not due religion I would say its coz of bad politics.Will you agree ?.. See suppose if our family is good indicates that our leader one who lead the family is doing good, same way whole cuntry is a kind of family.So think about now. I can say so many thing, I think this is enough.


  2. May be, but what ever the reasons are, i guess innocent are to suffer. Not having any anxiety here, manja, but worried. 🙂
    and hey thanks for dropping by blog… 😀 keep reading…


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