Very funny, literally…!

Darn, the last time i blogged was like last month and i totally feel ashamed of myself for not keeping up my word. Just that i am held up with my work at office. And today, on a friday, i am having less work as compared to few days, i was thinking – what should i do next, went through my plan for the day at office and all, and dint find anything with *HIGH PRIO*. So, i thought of writing, writing for good infact.

I always wonder, will I not get tired of talking about things happening in India, that will never happen anywhere in the world, no matter how backward is that country? Well, i dont think so…

Well, this thing that happened couple of days back in Karnataka State – the place where i live in and these things happen yet love this place.

Ok, in India, we have a group of people – the hindutva groups – basically to create mayhem in lives of the citizens. So there is this one group in this state, that went on thrashing girls (supposedly, above 24 years) in the pubs in Mangalore, saying pubbing is not a culture of India, and this “pubbing” culture is killing the culture of India.  So much so that they even proudly announce that they are mending the ways of the youth and bringing them to the right path. OK ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of this crap – my question is – Is hitting girls part of the culture? Was torture done women, even now continues, culture of India? Having an affair with like a zillion women, yet have kids with the woman they are forced to marry – is it the culture of India?

I think those “hindutva-culture-mending-i-am-the-culture-teacher” groups should be taught some proper lessons. If one asks me, yes culture is important to me too, i respect all the culture things that happen, but i know how to keep it under my control, not go on running on road hitting people..!

One more question: why target women? there would be many teenager Boys – below 18years and below – why dont they thrash them? they are the ones who need a proper lesson. Or may not thrash them but warn them, make them understand, be their friend etc etc. If you ask me, there are like a zillion ways to do so.

Now, recently one more *funny* news i came across related to this hundutva group itself. They commented that girls shouldnt wear jeans and noodle strap tops and what not..!! Ok, sir, you expect to cover our head and face like 18th century?

Very funny, literally…!

More funny is that if these people find couples hanging out on valentine’s day (according to them, celebrating valentine’s day is not according to Indian Culture), the couples would be taken to sub-registrar’s office and get them married. I couldnt stop laughing for many hours. Now, you know who is really responsible for India’s population to reach its peak…!!!! 🙂

We need people to support us, help us, guide us and be our friends, but not “Talibanise” and spoil our lives. I do not understand how a country like this improve if this is the state of the people.

I always think this way about my country – no matter it happens here – your country or your land is like your mother – she will put all tantrums and irritate you to the core sometimes, yet you will not stop loving her more than anything in this world. the same with your country as well. Thus, no matter what happens, i get irritated yet i love this country for all it has given me.

I think i better make a series called “it happens only in India” where i can keep adding the stuff that i find really funny and i am sure that will never happen elsewhere.

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  1. P.S: i had started composing this post on friday, so i got time today to post it 🙂

  2. Also, pls look at this blogspot where people specially women are showing their annoyance towards these kinds of people. If you can, pls contribute and let us make them realise we too have some feelings…


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